Praise Report: Passed Exams Despite Obstacles

At the beginning of last year, I was preparing to take my comprehensive examinations for my Master’s degree in nursing. But a week before the examination, the administration told me I couldn’t take the exam because I had enrolled late. I cried in disappointment because I felt that I had lost my chance.

But my husband reminded me to not worry and to utter what Joseph Prince taught us—the battle is the Lord’s! Somehow I felt a relief and peace in my heart, and we continued listening to Joseph Prince’s podcasts. The next day the administration called me and told me that I could re-enroll and still take the examination. My prayer was instantly answered!

My thesis papers were accepted and I began to really prepare for the exam. I just rested in the finished work of Christ and compressed 4 years of lessons into 1 month of review. When the examination day came, I felt nervous but I just continued to listen to the word specifically on Hesed Wisdom. I was confident that with God within me, I could pass the exam.

The examination was really tough but I gave my best knowing God’s wisdom was at work. I fully rested and trusted in Him. When negative thoughts and worries crept in, I refused to entertain them and trusted in God’s promise. And when the results were announced, I received the letter that I passed the comprehensive exam satisfactorily. Praise God!

Thank you, Joseph Prince, and your ministry for showing me the love and grace of God!

Elenneth Anne | Philippines

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