Praise Report: No More Financial Hardship, Blessed With Excellent Offer

I am a twenty-five-year-old music producer. I have always believed that God has His best plans for me and I did not believe that a standard desk job was in that plan. However, as soon as I graduated, bills and life hit me really hard.

I started working in a job that required me to set up microphones for birthday parties and business meetings at a local hotel.

After working more than eighty hours a week, I was still bringing home only $50 in disposable income. I resigned and decided to intern for a local orchestra.

But a year later, my financial situation was still not looking good.

While I had already successfully completed my internship, I was still only delivering Chinese food for a living and barely able to keep up with the few bills. My family was being evicted from our home and even when we won our court case, my mother still asked me to leave the house by the end of that year.

Then, out of nowhere, I received a message from people I had known back in high school. They were starting a record label out in Los Angeles, California, and wanted to hire me as their head music producer and songwriter!

The signing bonus alone was enough to pay off my debt to the landlord, move from New York to Los Angeles, get a new car, and buy all the new studio equipment. At the same time, I also received a salary as well as bonuses, and the company put me on a profit-sharing scheme.

Everyone who knew the situation I was in back in New York, knows that only God could have done what was done.

No man could have orchestrated such deliverance. Though there are many who look at the way I handled myself through it all and say that I deserved my success, I always tell them that it is God’s grace and not my efforts that brought me to California.

When it was my effort, I was working more than eighty hours a week and had nothing to show for it. But when it was God’s effort, I signed a contract with a record label without even having to audition for the job. It was given to me—like picking an apple off a tree.

I thank God for your ministry of encouragement and for revealing our Lord Jesus Christ’s gracious personality. My girlfriend has even received Christ because of the results that the gospel of grace has produced in my life. Stay encouraged. I hope to visit you all with blessings one day in Singapore.

Adam Salaah | California, United States


  • Anita says:

    Great Testimony. Praise God .

    • Cathrine jk says:

      It a great testimony and i believed in JESUS nothinng is trust the in my fanicial break through and i believed the LORD is now preparing my life partner who put JESUS frist in his life and have awholehearted to serve the LORD..He is somebody i never thought off..and never knew but JESUS bring him to what i really want and just wait for right time to in one body though it take long time to wait but GOD knew the perfect timing that His timing. Thank you LORD and I listen to Pastor Joesph Prince preaching prayer and I apply it and it really miracal..keep on preaching n teachingpeoples abt grace of we are together serve the LORD full time as he is a pastor and GOD church which GODgave him to take care..praise..

  • James says:

    Amen, surely the Lord is faithful. Based on this testimony, I trust God for a financial breakthrough. God bless you

  • Milette Enim says:

    So inspiring your testimony. I always believe that also, only God can orchestrate the best thing for us. I’m always excited everyday seeing God working in me 😀😀 there are times it’s tough I just hold on….

  • David Cardoso says:

    After having heard a terrible news yesterday, I think the Lord directed me to this testimony, so that I can believe in an extraordinary job opportunity, just because of His favour upon my life! I’ve been tempted to look in my behaviour for lack of faith or some mistake I might have committed, but nothing could be further from the truth. I trust the Lord has favoured me with a blessed job that is perfect for me!

    Thank you, Father!

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