Praise Report: Freed from Suicidal Thoughts and Addiction, Marriage Restored

I gave my heart to Jesus at nine years of age because of my mom. God blessed me tremendously throughout my life in so many ways. However, as I grew up, I gradually grew away from Him. For some reason, I thought I was right with Him until life happened, and I ended up in a very dark place.

I was at my lowest and hit rock bottom spiritually. The enemy attacked me from all corners of my life and sowed guilt, shame, and condemnation in me. I was depressed, and the enemy gave me thoughts of suicide and how to execute it.

My wife and I were on the brink of divorce, and everything looked like it was going downhill with no point of return. I longed to have another baby with my wife, which looked impossible, but the Lord led me to hold on no matter how difficult the attack on my life was. I called out to Jesus at my lowest point, and He surely reached out to me. He restored me and all things in my life. Where sin increased, grace superabounded (Rom. 5:20–21).

The Lord spoke restoration over me in an encounter one morning. I was awakened by His voice, which I felt in my spirit. His voice quickened me as if I was resuscitated from death itself. He led me to start listening to Pastor Prince on YouTube. I listened to sermons on restoration and meditated on many of Pastor Prince’s teachings, especially how we’re the righteousness of God in Christ. Pastor Joseph Prince was a colossal help in my walk with Christ. I got hold of his book The Prayer of Protection Devotional and read it twice.

Jesus brought me closer to the Father. I died in the flesh but was made alive in the Spirit (1 Peter 3:18). I’ve been set free from an alcohol addiction, smoking cigarettes, and pornography. While journeying with Jesus, He showed me how He was with me throughout the struggles in my life and how He had kept me from harm. He was by my side, holding me while I was feeling the heavy weight of all the hurt and depression in my life at the time.

Today, my marriage has been restored, and we have been blessed by the birth of our beautiful baby boy. Our baby boy is the manifestation of the Lord’s restoration in my life. I truly believe that, so I dedicated him to the Lord. I’ve even been set free from the fear of driving a vehicle by meditating on scriptures. I’m also in the process of being set free financially.

I could write a book just on the two-year walk I had with my Lord. By His grace, I am a new creation. Thank You, Jesus, and I’m thankful He led me to Pastor Joseph Prince and his

Christ-centered teachings. May God continue to bless Pastor Prince, his family, and his church. All glory to God!

Nathan Palmer | South Africa