Praise Report: Quick Closure on Sale of Mom’s Home

Recently, we closed on the sale transaction of our mother’s home. We received all the necessary documents from the city and even from the mortgage company very quickly, which helped with a positive closure. God was working overtime on our behalf.

The city usually does not send approval letters for tax relief as quickly as they did. They stated it would be six to eight weeks, but we received ours one week after submitting all the paperwork, hallelujah! I immediately sent the letter to the loan officer and lawyer.

I also received an updated payoff statement from the mortgage company that I forwarded to the lawyer and loan officer. Before going to closing, I even received in the mail an extension that we didn’t ask for. God was working on our behalf SO MUCH!

Pastor Prince, I listen to you in the morning on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN). I have been listening to you for years, but this is the year that I really began to understand and place my life, heart, and family in God’s hands.

Since my mom died, I have been praying Psalm 91. I even got hold of your book The Prayer of Protection and The Power of Right Believing. I just wanted to thank you and your ministry for your prayers and encouragement.

God is good always. Praise Him!

Sharon Burns | Virginia, United States