Praise Report: Pain in Back and Right Arm Gone

Three months ago, I strained my right arm at work. About a month ago, I also pulled a muscle in my back. As a result, I couldn’t use my right arm to lift anything, not even to open doors. Additionally, bending my back caused pain, and walking for more than an hour was unbearable.

On Resurrection Sunday, Pastor Prince ministered the Lord’s healing and declared that healing was taking place. He encouraged the congregation to do what they normally couldn’t do. Immediately, I got out of bed and began moving my arm and hand and bending my back to touch my toes.

Then, when Pastor Prince declared, “You have been made whole,” the pain in my back vanished! As others began testifying of their healing, the pain in my arm also disappeared completely. The following day, I went to work without feeling any pain. Upon returning home, I did something I hadn’t been able to do with my right hand in months: turn and press down the lock on my door, opening it effortlessly. Now, I can lift and hold things with my right hand. Praise the Lord! Thank You, Jesus, for healing me! Hallelujah!

A sister from Canada