Praise Report: Injured Arm Recovered After Receiving Prayer

Two days before my retirement, I fell outdoors and injured my arm. After getting X-rays, emergency surgery was suggested, but I chose to believe the report of the Lord. The pain medication was unsuccessful after one dosage, and I relied on the Holy Spirit.

I could not write, drive, hold a cell phone, go upstairs, dress myself, or brush my hair. The enemy even tried to sneak in and gave me thoughts of my arm falling off. The ridicule from family members was the worst, but I thank God that through the physical pain, He showed and taught me how to breathe. Although my arm movement was still limited, the pain was gone.

I meditated on the book of Ezekiel and Proverbs 31, believing that my right shoulder would be connected and come back to life. I went for a follow-up appointment for a mammogram two days before Thanksgiving. I was trying to express to the technician that I could not lift my arm, but as I was being adjusted for the X-ray, my shoulder snapped right back into place.

Pastor Prince, thank you so much for praying for those with injuries to their right shoulder and encouraging them to lift their arms. On Thanksgiving Day, I was able to lift my arm.

I have recovered and am fully functional. I can dress, drive, use a cell phone, and do household chores. I am so thankful that there is no further medication needed or pain, and I continually praise the Lord. I am blessed, favored, and enjoying His presence and power. He is real. Every day, He wakes me with a smile, a funny joke, and ends my day with a smile.

Louise Ford | Maryland, United States