Praise Report: Freed From Addictions, Enjoying Time With Jesus

I was raised in a Christian background but I didn’t accept Christ as my Savior when I was younger.

Instead, I grew to become very rebellious and was addicted to smoking, alcohol and pornography. As a result, I was depressed and did not do well in my studies. I’d contemplated suicide but was stopped by a voice inside me saying, “I am Jesus and I am with you. Don’t listen to Satan.”

Subsequently, I got saved and baptized in a local church. However, the church was preaching a message of law and after three months of being saved, I became frustrated. I didn’t enjoy my salvation and I didn’t enjoy being with Jesus. I even thought that hell was better.

I began entertaining thoughts of suicide again and cried out to God that I wanted to die. It was then that I saw you while I was surfing through YouTube. However, I was very skeptical of you and your message and decided to ignore what I’d heard. Then, the same voice that spoke to me previously told me not to see Joseph Prince, but to see Jesus in him.

That was how I started watching your videos online. I also got baptized in the Holy Spirit and I began speaking in tongues. I was freed from my bondages and all my bad habits are gone. I am truly enjoying Jesus now.

Thank you, Pastor Prince. I am blessed and all the glory goes to Jesus! I am planning to pursue a master’s degree in Singapore and look forward to worshipping God in New Creation Church.

Chaitanya Daniel | India

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