Praise Report: Daughter Protected From Car Wreck

One day, I came home from work and went to my home office to read several Bible verses. About twenty minutes later, I felt a strong prompting to pray in the Spirit. I knew I was praying against the death of someone. After some time, the burden subsided. Even though I had no idea who the prayer was for, I knew that everything was safe in the Lord’s hands.

Later, I received a call no parent would want to get. My daughter, who lives in New Hampshire, had a horrific car accident. According to the state police report, her car had veered off the road at eighty miles per hour and hit a sixty-feet-tall tree. The impact was so great that her car flipped over several times and the engine broke apart.

The accident happened minutes after I prayed. According to my daughter, a state policeman said to her, “Lady, you should be dead. I’ve never seen anyone come out of something like this alive!” Praise God that my daughter only sustained minor bruises and a scratch!

I know this protection was only possible because of the grace of our loving Father and His love for my daughter. She had not been close to the Lord for years, but now she has a greater sense of His love for her.

I give Jesus all the praise and glory for saving my daughter’s life that day! What a wonderful Jesus we serve! Thank You, Jesus!

Marty D. Evans | Georgia, United States



  • sheena says:

    Amen!!! Hallelujah…this is a testament that Jesus is the only God who can protect us deliver us from death…#awesomeGod

  • linden bravo says:

    I love praying in the spirit… in Jesus name… but it quiet encouraging

  • Gideon Karobia says:

    Praise the Lord that’s awesome
    he is my God

  • nellie says:

    Thank you Jesus for this praise report and thank pastor Prince for teaching us the gospel of grace. Our lives will never be the same

  • Karin Ingham says:

    Isn’t it awesome, Marty Evans, when God’s love and compassion are faithful even when we make a bad decision? We have all made bad decisions, and therefore feel condemned when bad happens. But GOD, in His Love, redeems us from destruction! (Psalm 103:4) Praise God for His hand in your daughter’s life, and praying for her to return to the Father’s House!

  • maryam says:

    Praise God Jesus.

  • Clara says:

    Yeah he is our protector indeed! lets pray if we are prompted by our God!

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