Praise Report: Emotional, Mental, And Physical Health Restored

Pastor Prince, I am a six feet three, 245lb African American who is pretty well versed in Scripture. When I first saw you preach on Trinity Broadcasting Network, I wondered what a “little Asian dude” could teach me.

Thankfully, God saw you differently. As I had been struggling to love myself my whole life, God wanted to change the way I felt about myself through your program. One day, I watched you expound on Jesus asking Peter three times, “Do you love me?” (see John 21:15–19).

I learned that during the first two times, Jesus used the Greek word agape for the word love. Agape means perfect, unconditional love, which Peter knew he was unable to give to his Savior. However, on the third time, Jesus used the Greek word phileo, which means brotherly love. This was the same word Peter had used in his responses to Jesus, “You know that I love [phileo] you.”

Hearing this freed my heart so much. I learned that only the Father’s love toward me can be perfect and unconditional (agape). Before that, I always wondered how I could possibly love God unconditionally when, like Peter, I had done wretched things in my life. This revelation of the Father’s love finally freed me to love myself despite my shortcomings.

Since then, I have been listening to you preach every day! Words can’t express my gratitude toward God for speaking into my life through you. I had been in an unbelievably low point in my life, but God has loved me back to emotional, mental, and physical health. By His grace, I’ve become more loving toward myself and my life has progressed in ways I’d only dreamed of.

I also love your teachings on the ark of the covenant and how the Old Testament always points us to Jesus. I’ve learned—and I truly believe—that Jesus’ resurrection has purchased everything I need today. Now I tell everyone to watch this “little Asian dude” because he is a spiritual dynamo in the Lord!

I look forward to visiting Singapore one day. Thank you, Pastor Prince!

Richard Greene | Texas, United States

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  • Patricia Doyle says:

    Thank you for the word encouragement I really enjoyed reading your testimony but I am wondering what I am miss in my relationship with God

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