Praise Report: Supernatural Turnaround in Career after Simple Prayer

Some time ago, I hit the lowest point in my life. I was so overworked and unhappy in my job. I tried searching for a new one for three months without success.

Later, as the accountant in charge, I discovered a series of theft and fraud that had taken place within the company and reported them to management. However, I had failed to detect them sooner due to my heavy workload and changes in the company that were beyond my control.

My manager put the blame on me and my boss was so angry he demeaned me in front of all the staff. He even implied I had a part to play in the crimes because it took me so long to report them. As I knew his words were out of anger, I didn’t take them to heart. But I was treated like a criminal in the following days. My coworkers were afraid to speak to me and I found myself all alone, helpless, and defenseless.

My family was angry about how I was treated at work and how I continued to work overtime in spite of the circumstances. They pressured me to quit. But I felt responsible for my oversight. I was also afraid I wouldn’t be able to find another job because of my low qualifications.

I was so heavy-laden with work that I didn’t have time to sleep or pray. I began to experience frequent chest pains but didn’t tell my family members for fear of worrying them. I also felt so broken inside but kept it to myself and continued to bury myself in work.

One night, my company handed me a warning letter regarding my oversight, threatening to terminate my employment should I fail them again. I finally broke down crying because of the way the company that I’d worked for for nine years was treating me. I cried out to God for the first time and in the simplest way ever asked Him to save me and open a door for me.

At 10am the very next day, God opened a door of opportunity for me supernaturally. I received my first call for an interview. Even though I wasn’t at my best and didn’t have much confidence, I was hired on the spot! It was the most incredible day of my life. Praise God, He not only opened the door for me, He also pushed me right through it in no time!

I’m proud to be working in one of Singapore’s top five companies today. I’m happy and enjoying a good work-life balance. God picked me up when I was down and I’m so grateful to be sharing this testimony. All praise to my loving Father! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching God’s grace.

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  • Uche says:

    I am always encouraged when ever I see testimonies like this. It always remind me that real soon it would be my turn to tell the world about my testimony, in Jesus name.
    God bless you Joseph Prince. Because today is my day of fasting and prayer, I declare that my mother’s eyesight would be restored in Jesus name. Amen
    I also pray that every disease in her blood system be terminated in Jesus name. I pray that my wife will conceive in this month of August and to give birth at her due date in Jesus name. Amen

  • We have a amazing heavenly Father

  • These testimonies are so inspiring and bring practicality to the Word of God. Thank you Pastor Joseph for teaching us the Word of God that focuses on Christ and His complete, perfect and finished work. I love you Sir.

  • Beautiful testimony! To God be the glory! He is a miracle working God!

    Be blessed!

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