Praise Report: Delivered from Years of Sexual Addiction

I had been addicted to pornography and masturbation since I was nine years old. I was so bound by this addiction that at one point, I even visited a prostitute. I still remember weeping bitter tears after that because I knew I messed up.

For many years, I would hear Pastor Prince preach about how sin loses its power on us when we start to live under grace. I could never understand how to apply that to my life and thought I just had to manage my sinful addiction for the rest of my life.

Whenever Pastor Prince read out testimonies of people who have been set free from porn addiction, I would ask the Lord, “When is it my turn? Why are other people receiving their breakthroughs but not me?”

When others would lift up their hands during worship, I always felt ashamed to do it too as I would feel like a hypocrite. Looking back now, the Lord was always near to me and was mending my broken heart.

One night, as I was on my way home in a cab, I felt the Lord’s presence touching me. I felt His love filling the crevices of my heart. Just like how Jesus set the Gerasene demoniac free, the Lord came to me and clothed me with the garments of His salvation and His robe of righteousness. I started to weep uncontrollably in the cab.

I finally understood what Pastor Prince meant when he said that grace is a person. The revelation of grace is the revelation of Jesus! As I continued to behold the Lord, my life transformed, not by self-effort but by freely receiving the abundance of grace and gift of righteousness. It has been nearly three years since the Lord has set me free from my addiction!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for boldly preaching the gospel of grace. It has changed my life forever! God bless you.

Anonymous | Singapore

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