Praise Report: Kept Safe from EF-3 Tornado in Dallas

I had the pleasure of being selected as a volunteer for the A Night of Worship with Joseph Prince on October 20, 2019 in Dallas. I was very happy to be a part of it, to see Pastor Prince in person, and I had a wonderful experience.

As I was getting ready to leave at around 10pm, one of the security personnel told us of a tornado warning. I didn’t think much about it and got inside my vehicle to head to my hotel, which was approximately twenty miles away by an interstate.

After almost thirty minutes, I realized that I was driving nowhere close to my hotel. My GPS was taking me to areas where the lights were not working and there were fallen trees in the streets and devastation almost everywhere! I saw buildings destroyed and people outside in the streets. I saw emergency medical services and police everywhere, and traffic lights out.

Then I realized my GPS was taking me on the path left behind by a tornado! While we were worshiping with Pastor Prince, the Lord kept me and everyone else COMPLETELY SAFE! Weapons of destruction were forming all around us (not one but three tornadoes) and none of them prospered against us. A thousand things were falling by our sides, but it did not come near us!

I am still so amazed and grateful to my Father. Even with all of the devastation, not one life was lost in Dallas to my knowledge. I truly believe the Lord had sent Pastor Prince, his team, and other believers to Dallas, to come against the work of the devil. The enemy couldn’t do what he wanted to do, and God gets the glory!

I drove around for over two hours, still trying to get to my hotel but never made it there. At around 2am, I decided to drive back to Killeen, Texas. As I finally made it out of Dallas, I called my husband to tell him I was unable to get to the hotel.

He told me I was driving right into another storm and got me a hotel room in Waco, Texas. When I arrived at that hotel, there was only one parking space available. I parked next to a van that said, “Knight Covenant.” Also, when I went in to check into the hotel, mine was the only room left. The Lord took care of me the whole time.

The next morning my husband checked his bank account and found that he had received a total refund from the hotel in Dallas. This is extraordinary because he prepaid this hotel room for me about two months ago, and they have a no-refund policy. Look at God!

Notovny Baez | Texas, United States

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