Praise Report: Free from Breast Cancer, Protected from COVID-19

In December 2019, I found a lump in my left breast. I went for a mammogram and subsequently, a biopsy. I’d been receiving the Communion daily for a couple years now as taught by Joseph Prince. So I was shocked when the results of the biopsy revealed that I had what was considered an aggressive form of breast cancer. I felt fearful and my world was turned upside down. I thought, How could a believer in Christ be struck with a horrible disease like this?

Immediately, I suited up for battle. I purchased Joseph Prince’s audio book Eat Your Way to Life and Health and began listening to it whenever negative thoughts invaded my mind. At night when I laid down to rest, I’d let the words settle my heart and mind. I partook of the holy Communion two to three times a day, sometimes more.

I went on to get Joseph’s Healing Scriptures on audio. Almost every night for six months, I would listen to the prayer of healing that Pastor Prince prays in the beginning of the audio. I would lay my hand over my breast and lymph nodes and declare that by His stripes, my cancer is gone. God showed me in a dream that none of my lymph nodes had cancer in them, and that the biopsy and MRI would come back negative.

The doctor recommended that I begin chemotherapy before surgery. I agreed and continued to believe in the Lord for a miracle. In late January 2020, I began treatment. After my second chemotherapy, the lump was almost completely gone!

During this time, the COVID-19 outbreak occurred. Fear entered my heart as the cases of COVID-19 began to rise in the States. I was more susceptible to the virus because I was still going through chemotherapy. I kept receiving the Communion daily, declaring healing scriptures and Psalm 91 over myself and my family. Abba Father kept us all safe from COVID-19!

In July 2020, I had surgery to remove the areas affected by the cancerous tumor. Further testing was done on my breast tissue and lymph nodes, and the results showed that I have been medically cleared of cancer! There was never any cancer in my lymph nodes. The cancer had no chance to spread and the multiple tests done always came back negative (just like in my dream).

The breast tissue also showed no signs of cancer. I no longer have to go through radiation treatment!

I believe the Lord led me to discover the lump in its earliest stage, resulting in immediate treatment. Praise and glory to Christ Jesus who is my healer. Hallelujah, He is worthy!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for allowing our Father to use you to unveil His loving heart toward His children. It was grace that healed me. Knowing I am loved and forgiven helped me realize that my Father’s desire was for me to be made well. I praise God for you, your family, and your ministry. Blessings to you all!

LaKesha Lewis | Iowa, United States


  • Ralf says:

    Hallelujah Amen 😇 praise the lord. 🙏

  • Nadege Nkombo says:

    Allelluha Glory to God for the testimony.

  • Grace says:

    Glory to God
    I was also very sad and angry at the moment because my sister and her children always ill treat’s me taking advantage because I’m dependent on her but the moment I read your story I felt in my heart that the Lord that took away your breast cancer can also change my situation around and lead a way for me to happiness and stress free life, where I’ll be surrounded by people who speaks life and supports me instead of being discouraged and hurt every time 🙏🙏

  • Diane Mellers says:

    Dear Pastor Prince
    Please may I ask for you to find time to say a Healing Prayer for my dearest sister Lynda.
    She has Myeloma, a cancer of the blood.

    God Bless you and your team.
    Thank you.

  • Paula Greco says:

    I was healed from cancer in 2005 and thanks to the help of Joseph Prince prayers and his teaching about Jesus and healing and love I came through strong and well to resume my life with my family needs I read Psalm 91 morning and night and before cob 19 I was receding Holy Communion every Sunday thank you Jesus I love you thank you Joseph Prince God Bless you and family ❤️🎉✝️🛐🙏

  • Michelle Linnevelt says:

    I thank you so much for this testimony. It’s so uplifting to hear how our Heavenly Father works.
    I thank you Pastor Prince for your teachings. Bless you and you family.

  • Milkah says:

    All Glory to God who is our everything.

  • ENOCK ANSAH says:

    AMEN praise God
    God is Great

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