Praise Report: Delivered from Grief

In 2022, I lost both my parents within a mere two months. I have been grieving ever since, and could not seem to break out of it. Feelings of sorrow, guilt, and regret kept coming back.

On the outside, I may have appeared okay, but internally, I was broken. A whole year had passed, yet I was still grieving and oppressed.

On Monday, 16 October 2023, I was due to return to my hometown to settle my parents’ property. I had been having the fear that this trip would trigger the grief all over again.

I told myself that I need to attend church the Sunday before. Praise Jesus, during the first service, Pastor Prince had a vision of the Lord lifting the spirit of grief from someone in the congregation, and he prayed for deliverance and restoration.

I knew it was for me. I received the prayer, knowing the Lord wanted to deliver me just before my trip. His help and deliverance came at the right place at the right time. It was indeed a kairos moment for me.

My trip back home went well. I felt there was an inner strength and peace throughout. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for being faithful in your ministry. I’m grateful to be grounded in this church.

A sister from Singapore