Praise Report: Life Positively Changed with the Revelation of Righteousness

I was engaged to be married to a wonderful man after five years of dating, but we mutually decided to end the relationship. I was devastated and spent the beginning of last year in a state of depression and even contemplated harming myself to alleviate the pain. I had experienced moments of depression before but none remotely close to this. When prayer didn’t seem to be helping, I was convinced there was no hope.

I’ve always been a huge proponent of Pastor Prince’s messages and decided to give them a try again in the midst of everything I was experiencing. I listened to them day and night and even kept them on while sleeping. It felt like day by day, God would wake me up with a perfect sensation of peace—it was indescribable. After about a month of continuing to listen to messages on grace, the phrase “I am the righteousness of God in Christ” somehow stuck out to me. I didn’t even know what it meant, but I repeated it over and over every day.

After five months, I decided to take a walk one day and happened to be listening to Pastor Prince’s message Guard the Imaginations of Your Heart. It had nothing to do with righteousness, but at the beginning of the sermon, Pastor Prince said, “If it’s Jesus, and it’s His righteousness, how could God ever withhold any blessings from you?” He asked the congregation to repeat that “Jesus is the measure of my right standing before God” and in that moment, something deep inside me just clicked.

I’ve never experienced the power of a revelation but that was a moment I would never forget. My life changed that day as God revealed that my faith is based entirely on Jesus. I pictured myself standing at Calvary and conducting an exchange with Jesus—His righteousness for my sin. What an uneven exchange! At that moment, I felt so loved that I felt like shouting.

Now my life has only changed for the better. I know I am fervently loved by a Father who only wants the best for me. Thank you so much for your teachings about grace. They saved my life.

Tarlyn Levels | Maryland, United States