Superabounding Grace For Your Life (2/3)

If you are feeling discouraged and burdened by the shortcomings you have, fret not! God’s superabounding grace is available to you to transform you or your situation beyond your wildest dreams. In this three-part series, Joseph Prince shows you why God will still supply you with His grace even when you have failed and how you can receive it. Learn also how God can still use you for His glory despite your past mistakes.

God Uses Whom The World Deems Useless

Many of you know that I was a stutterer in high school. One teacher would always make me stand up and read in class for the sheer pleasure of hearing me stutter—“Th th the…aa annual…nual…ra ra rain…fall fall…in in Brazil…” Everyone would laugh at me and my ears would burn red with embarrassment. And the more I tried to speak normally, the worse it got.

Little did I know then that God had already released a superabundant measure of His grace in my area of weakness. I mean, His grace didn’t just bring an end to my stuttering. No, it was so bountiful that it transformed me into a preacher who can’t stop talking about Jesus!

My stuttering was just the enemy’s attempt to stop what God had already begun in my life. If only I could have seen what God had already started in the very area of my weakness, I wouldn’t have been so discouraged and embarrassed. You’ve probably heard me say that I was born to preach on the rest and grace of God. I now know that His grace was given to me in abundant measure even when I was in my mother’s womb. I was called to preach even before I was born!

The greater your challenge, the greater is His grace in that area to transform it for His glory.

My friend, in your area of weakness, the Lord has already lavished you with an overwhelming measure of His grace. The greater your challenge, the greater is His grace in that area to transform it for His glory. Maybe you’re having major challenges with your rebellious teenager now. Well, don’t just expect him or her to merely be more obedient. Expect this child to also be on fire for Jesus. Expect this child to also grow up into a successful person, a loving spouse, and a responsible parent, full of the wisdom of the Lord!

So believe that the Lord’s superabounding grace or favor is already in your situation to do for you exceedingly abundantly above all you could ask or dream of (Eph. 3:20). Be conscious of this favor every day. Keep confessing it. Keep expecting the best to come out of your seemingly hopeless situation. It may not happen overnight, but God is already working in your life. He’s piecing it all together into a beautiful masterpiece. So take your eyes off the negatives and see with eyes of faith the good that the Lord is already doing in your life!

God Can Still Use You

If someone had told me during my teenage years that I would one day preach to thousands and have a successful television ministry, I would have thought that he was out of his mind. How could God use a stutterer? Wouldn’t He be better off choosing someone who was eloquent and not shy?

Always remember that where sin (or missing the mark) abounds, God’s grace superabounds.

Many people think that God cannot use them because they have certain faults or are struggling with certain weaknesses. You may have thought, I have a temper problem so I don’t think that God would ever want me to serve Him. My friend, always remember that where sin (or missing the mark) abounds, God’s grace superabounds. His grace is His unearned, undeserved, unmerited favor. So it’s in the very area of your weakness that God’s superabounding unmerited favor can flow and transform your life for His glory!

Now, please don’t misconstrue what I’m saying here and think that this gives you the green light to deliberately indulge in sin or the area of your weakness so that you can enjoy God’s superabundant grace. That’s like saying, “Let’s all deliberately contract a disease so that we can enjoy the pleasures of God’s healing.” That’s certainly not what I’m advocating.

What I’m advocating is really for those who have been told that because they have failed somewhere, they are like a bird with a broken wing—they’ll never be able to fly again. That’s the world’s belief, folks. But God says, “I’ll not just heal your wing, I’ll make you an eagle. You’ll fly again and you’ll fly higher than you ever did before! Simply depend on My superabounding grace!”

My friend, don’t let the demerits you see in yourself today talk you into believing that God has no use for you. Someone may have told you that you’re a “hopeless case,” or that you’ll never amount to anything. Listen to me. Forget the naysayers. God has a wonderful plan for your life. He has called you from your mother’s womb for a divine purpose.

Whatever your weakness or fault, put it into His hands. He can take it and use it to take you higher and make you stronger than you’ve ever been before for His glory. When you depend solely on His abundant grace, you don’t have to stay stuck at where you’re at in life. His superabounding grace has already been supplied to you through the sacrifice of His Son to help you fulfill your God-given dreams!

Grace Is Attracted To Your Demerits

“My grace is attracted to the demerits of man,” the Lord told me once. How true! God’s grace is attracted to our minuses. Have you noticed? Jesus didn’t have a problem showing grace to lepers, the sickly and demonized, tax collectors, and prostitutes. But He had a problem with the self-righteous Pharisees, or those who believed that they had it all together and didn’t need the Savior. During His earthly ministry, Jesus moved among people full of minuses and demerits. They welcomed Him because they saw their need for Him, and they found His grace of much effect to them.

So be encouraged, my friend. Your weaknesses and disqualifications, demerits and minuses, actually qualify you for God’s superabounding grace. If you’re facing challenges as a single parent, know that His grace is upon you in double portion to be both an excellent mother and an excellent father to your children. He’s also giving you the anointing, strength, and wisdom to meet the demands of both family and work.

If you’re addicted to nicotine or alcohol, His grace is already there for you to kick the habit for good. His grace is even there to repair any damage done to your body. If you’re always last in class, know that His grace is there to change those Fs into As! Not only will you do well academically, but you will also have wisdom beyond your years!

It’s His bountiful grace alone—not your human efforts—that will transform you and bring out His best in you. God just loves to turn whom the world calls “losers” into movers and shakers in His kingdom. He chooses “the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise,” and selects “the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty” (1 Cor. 1:27). He’s an expert at picking out the last, the lost, the least, and transforming them into shining examples of what only His grace can accomplish! 

No mistake is ever too great for His oversupplying grace.

Beloved, you may have made some bad decisions in life and may be reaping the natural consequences. Whatever the situation you may be in, while the world may tell you that it’s your fault and treat you unkindly, the truth is that God still loves you and has good plans for your life (Jer. 29:11 niv). He doesn’t condemn you. He wants to help you. No mistake is ever too great for His oversupplying grace. He alone can take the mess of your past mistakes and transform it to give you a beautiful future. Where sin abounds, His grace abounds much more. And if you say, “I can’t do it, Lord,” He says, “I can. Watch Me!”

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god's great grace is working in your greatest weakness

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  • Irish Zyrene Ocay says:

    Amen! God’s grace super abounds in my minuses. He has a great plan for me,His been watching over me all the days of my life.Even before the foundation of the world. Knowing Him,His promises and who am I to Him,how I am loved by Him makes me so overwhelmed.

  • Natalie says:

    Thank you pastor prince.thank you for revealing Christ to the are an answer to my prayers.if you were not willing to preach Christ I don’t know if I would be alive today and even the twins that was born to me only a year after Father God revealed your ministry to me.i will forever be grateful to you.i will one day share my testimony with you.even though I have many challenges keeping my focus on Christ is the answer to overcome all the accusations from the accuser.i can now really forgive without any effort by focusing on what Jesus did for me.i really do love Father God ,Jesus and the Holy Spirit so much that I end up crying because Jesus is not glorified.God has given me a heart for his Son that I cannot explain to you in words.i told father God that I want every blessing in my life to glorify his Son.that when I share my testimony there will not be a trace of my obedience ,but Christ obedience.that i will not get credit but that he will get all the credit he deserves.thank you for magnifying the name of our Lord and saviour.thats the reason why I’m so attracted to your ministry even though Satan is accusing me of glorifying you,God always reminded me why he lead me to your ministry.i will never forget when I prayed and ask him because of my confusion and even though my prayer was very hard towards our father and Jesus,God did not take offense .i told him that his son did nothing for me,that every testimony or sermon I heard was about what I had to do and why must I believe in his son,because even though I heard people talking about Jesus ,yet their testimonies and sermons was on their obedience.thatvwas when I realized our Heavenly Father was the one opening my eyes to see that his son was not preached.when I prayed for him to show me what his son did for me ,it was not long after that prayer that he made sure that I will watch your program.i even prayed and ask him to show me what his Son means to him and he keeps on show me that the revelations he gave you can only be because you honor his Son.i even had the boldness to tell a pastor that the reason You have such a high revelation is because you honour Gods son.The Holy Spirit always reminds me about something He says to me God honour the man who honour his Son.i don’t even know if there is a verse for this ,but I said this to the thank you for lifting up the name of Jesus pastor prince,God is really smiling at you.thank you Father for the gift of your darling Son.i really believe in my heart that God will honour any Pastor that honour his Son. Your sister in the lord.Natalie

  • elijah says:

    he indéed loves mé coz he came to help people in indeed like me …..I lov u jesus

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