Praise Report: Scapula Condition Gone

One Saturday afternoon, I engaged in strenuous exercise and carried a heavy handbag throughout the day. That night, I was awakened multiple times by pain in my right shoulder blade. I am a side sleeper and tend to toss and turn frequently, so every time I turned to my right side, the pain would jolt me awake.

On Sunday morning, I woke up with incredible pain in my right shoulder blade. Everything was painful—reaching for items on my table, stretching my neck, and even sitting down without any activity would suddenly trigger intense pain.

As I prepared to serve during the third service, I thought to myself that it would be nice if Pastor Prince could minister and pray for healing in my shoulder blade.

After partaking the holy Communion, during the testimony sharing segment, I decided to search online for the causes of shoulder blade pain. The word “scapula” came up multiple times as the name for that area, and it was the first time I had encountered this term.

When Pastor Prince approached with his handheld mic, my excitement grew as it signalled to me that he was about to minister. I continued to look up more information about the scapula but put my phone away when he asked us to stand. To my amazement, one of the first things Pastor Prince prayed for was “shoulder blade pain,” and he specifically mentioned seeing the word “scapula”! My jaw literally dropped as it felt like the Lord had heard precisely what I had prayed for.

Though the pain persisted, I chose to believe that my healing would come in due time.

When Monday came, I was still in pain when I went to the office. Then in the late morning, while on a video call, I noticed that my right arm was draped over my chair—something I definitely couldn’t do the day before.

After the call, I began moving my arms and stretching my neck, only to realise that I could now perform all the actions that had caused me pain. I was completely free from discomfort! Thank You, Lord, for hearing my prayer and for Your supernatural healing!

A sister from Singapore