Praise Report: Challenging Exam Made Easy After Understanding Righteousness

I recently completed my third year in university with amazing results, thanks to Jesus.

I began listening to Joseph Prince’s daily webcast in the weeks before the final examinations. The message of grace radically changed my approach to studying. I began to declare that I am the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ and claimed the marks I wanted because I knew I had that privilege as a 100 percent forgiven and beloved child of God.

As I sat for each paper, I put all my faith in Jesus’ finished work and not my preparation. This gave me great relief, knowing that I didn’t have to rely on my efforts, but could trust Jesus to give me the marks I wanted.

One particular subject, philosophy, was supposed to be an open book, group-based exam. However, at the last minute, the professor changed it to an individual exam where we had to write four essays in two and a half hours. Although I had access to my notes, I had barely studied as I thought it would be a group-based paper. I sat for the paper almost unprepared.

Believing that Jesus could do the impossible, I simply prayed that He would guide my mind and hand in the exam. I prayed in tongues and saw my mind overflowing with ideas for each essay and my hands freely writing with great ease. Throughout the whole exam, I had peace and experienced what was like a download of knowledge and wisdom from heaven!

After all my exams were over, I began to have doubts about the marks I’d prayed for based on how difficult the papers were. However, during those moments, I would claim out loud the marks I had prayed for.

I proclaimed, “Even though it seems impossible, I thank You, Jesus, for providing the marks I have asked for.” I pictured the marks in my mind and claimed them in faith.

As the university began posting marks, I was shocked—Jesus had provided more than I asked for! Not only that, but my posted marks were revised upwards in the following days! I have never seen this happen before as what is posted is usually the final mark. In addition, I had prayed for an 85 percent for my philosophy but when I checked my mark, it wasn’t 85 percent but 95 percent! I thought I was dreaming and blinked twice to make sure it was right!

Jesus showed me practically what grace means—unmerited and undeserved favor.

In total, He gave me 15 percent more than the marks I had asked for. None of this would have ever been possible if it weren’t for His wonderful grace. This term, which was supposed to be the hardest in our program, turned out to be one of the easiest for me because I stopped trusting in my efforts, and began trusting in Him!

I am truly grateful for Joseph Prince’s messages as they opened my eyes to this revelation and my life has been amazing since! All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Sneha Grace Koshy | Canada


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