Praise Report: Blessed With Triplets After Meditating On God’s Word

We had always wanted a child from the first year of our marriage back in 2011. However, despite our best efforts, we never managed to conceive. It was not until our second year of marriage that we started consulting doctors to understand the complexity of the issues that both my wife and I were facing.

In December 2013, I came across a series of sermons on Bible meditation preached by Pastor Joseph Prince. In the sermons, Pastor Prince touched on the necessity of meditating on Bible verses and how this lets the Word take root and produce fruit in us. I started to chew on Bible verses to draw nourishment, in the expectation that the Word would bear fruit in me.

Expecting to see God’s healing and restoration in the area of having children, I meditated on Psalm 1:3 day and night, as I drove to and from work, while I worked, and during lunch. I kept munching on these words and started to realize that it was never about my efforts to bear children. Children are a gift from our Abba Father.


From then on, the responsibility of conceiving was no longer on me or my efforts, but on His grace. I knew that I would bear fruit and prosper in whatever I did, just like the verse promised. The Word indeed became life in me.


In February 2014, while I was in a conversation with Father God, He gave me a vision. I saw that I would have my hands full by the month of November and I had full conviction that this had everything to do with us conceiving a baby.

In March 2014, our doctors confirmed that my wife had conceived and this brought great joy to us. And as the pregnancy progressed, it was revealed to us that my wife was carrying triplets! Our father is truly a fantastic God! When I was young, I had dreamed about how nice it would be to have twins, and now, even that wish has been exceeded.


The pregnancy itself was a miracle.


I was initially warned that having triplets would be dangerous for both my wife and our babies. But we refused to be discouraged because I knew that children were a gift from God, and I submitted completely to His grace. In the end, my wife carried our babies to full-term and delivered three healthy children weighing 1.8kg, 1.9kg, and 2kg.

All praise and glory to God. My sincere thanks to Joseph Prince. His ministry continues to be pivotal in our lives!

Justin | Bahrain


  • Jen says:

    I’m a triplet mama, too, after 9 years of marriage and 5 years of actively trying to conceive! I didn’t come to the message of radical grace until after the triplets were born and wish I would’ve know how to meditate on the Word and rest in it while we were going through our waiting years. I am, however, so very thankful for Pastor Prince’s ministry because a few years after the babies were born, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and by then had spent a lot of time understanding grace in its purest form. I was able to go through cancer surgery and radiation with such confident hope and expectation that I never could have mustered on my own. Our “babies” are going to be 11 this spring and one has already grown taller than me. They are our highest blessings from Heaven and we join you in celebrating the abundant life that God is so eager to give through the grace of His own son, Jesus.

  • Ugo says:

    I key into this testimony. Praise God. This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth. ..God told us long time ago how to live above this world. I needed this. Thank you!

  • Tanya Hutchinson-Grant says:

    Amen.Jesus this is what me and my husband going through now.we are trying for 4 years now.1 lost in tubal pregnancy and the 2nd in dec of 2015.but I still trust God know he will make a way for me and my husband. I totally believe and stand firmed on his believe that this is the year I will carry a healthy full term babies.Amen

  • Donna says:

    Were they doing IVF?

  • Orits says:

    Praise God! As an aside, it is interesting that Justin meditated on Ps 1.3. One pregnancy, three babies 😉

    • Vyvy says:

      Oh WoW! I hadn’t noticed that. How amazingly the Lord works!!! 1:3

      • Rose says:

        I’m so blessed to come across this amazing story and it touched my heart. I being married for 4 years. My husband and I being trying hard to conceive for a baby but no sign of pregnancy 🙁 . Asking if you could pray for us so that I can conceive this year 2020. I believe and have faith to the Lord. Amen

  • TLJWMCK says:

    Amen. God is good. I had stage 4 endometriosis & multiple surgeries and always trusted God that I’d have no problems conceiving and always desired to have twins. My husband and I married in 2011 and experienced difficulty conceiving and received negative medical reports. January 2014 we decided to meditate on a scripture per day with the aim of receiving breakthrough in the area of conceiving, because we believed in the report of the Lord and not man. we actively made efforts to confess and believe in each scripture that we meditated on, to work, at work, while shopping etc. We put our faith in action by planning 2014 as if there would be a baby or babies. I confessed that we were going to be parents of twins. February 2014 my doctor confirmed that we were expecting twins. Despite negative advice with regards to twin pregnancies and preterm birth, we continued to believe that all will be healthy and I carried to 36weeks. Many people can’t believe it but we can because we know how our God works. AMEN!

    • RayB says:

      As i read your testimony tears rolled down my eyes.I have learnt from now forth to give all to God.Married since 2013,we have been trying for children .My Faith is now up there ,I beleive this is my year for giving birth to our twins/triplets.

    • Nanny says:

      Waaw your story inspires in.

    • Immaculate Mbula says:

      God is so powerful am praying to him to gland me and my husband triplets as I have been desiring to be blessed with them. I believe everything is possible to God. Please help me in prayer for this intetion.

  • Eva says:

    After 13 years of marriage and 1 miscarriage, God gave us the best blessing. Right now I’m pregnant. And only I know is Good is good.

  • pamela says:

    This is a blessing to me, I and my husband are trusting God for children too and I know that he will bless us. We are married for 7yrs now. I put God I full control and I will be rejoicing soon. Keeping my faith in God.

  • Angela says:

    Thank you for encouraging testimonies. My husband and I are also waiting upon God for our testimony. Been trying for 7 years to conceive

  • AMANDA says:

    Amen Amen. So encouraged. Rely on his Grace. Its his responsibility to make sure all is well with me. I receive my triplets

    • Thanks for your comments Amanda… It’s truly Grace that sustains our kids & the spiritual maturity convocated in them has been beyond our understanding of things. We are fully dependent on Pastor’s teachings & working towards our Lord’s Wisdom.

    • Justine Tina says:

      Surely am believing God for a miracle of triplets as my next pregnancy this year
      I take it in Jesus name that the blessing is upon me now
      The miracles God has done He can do the same for me now
      I lift up my eyes and look into the mountain and where does my help come from
      It is only from the Almighty the Creator author and finisher of life
      I take it now and I believe God is now working amiracle of triplets I’m my body and I will leave to testify of His goodness
      Amen Amen I pertake of it

      • Rose says:

        I’m so blessed to come across this amazing story and it touched my heart. I being married for 4 years. My husband and I being trying hard to conceive for a baby but no sign of pregnancy 🙁 . Asking if you could pray for us so that I can conceive this year 2020. I believe and have faith to the Lord. Amen

  • Patrick Julu says:

    Blessed God for this miracle!
    I am trusting the Lord for a honorable job /employment, I know it is done by His grace in Jesus name …..

  • Phylis says:

    Prayer for my son wholeness ,inner peace, forgiveness., to love himself and getup and find himself .He is not working and is stuck in the past.I as his mum have been divorced for over 25 years and he still HATES me .
    Please and thank you for prayers.Amen

  • Ronali says:

    Praise be to God! Married for 18 years and and waiting for the joy of 5 children in faith. Do not regret a single year that God in his goodness has used to draw us closer to HIM and to actually have a relationship with HIM. Every year that has passed has been used so well by my heavenly father to build our marriage in HIM and to be a blessing to those around us. He overwhelms us with HIS goodness and faithfulness DAILY! What an awesome GOD! Thank you for all the testimonies that gives an extra boost to the unfailing hope that we have in Christ! “He makes all things beautiful, in HIS time”

  • Gift Angelique says:

    I always dream of having twins, been married for 3 months and we are planning to have our first pregnancy. I pray and believe God for twins.

  • Amaka says:

    I bless God for this testimonies, i am believing God for this kind of testimony and i trust Him that He will bring it to pass. Amen

  • Cate says:

    Wow. How uplifting this is. Been trying for 4years now. Glory to the most high God. I tap into this blessing for I would be joyed for twins. Always wished and wish for double blessing. Thank you for the word of Grace

  • Judith Onunekwu says:

    Wow! halleluyah this blessing will come to me for am believing and trusting God fr children too….

  • Sunitha Naidoo says:

    Praise God for the wonderful testimonies. His grace and mercy is endless. My husband and i are trying for last 4 years. I have endometriosis stage 4, but i am believing my God for our miracle babies. Doctor suggested IVF because of my age but i know Gods timing is perfect. I pray the Lord will deliver me from infertility and bless me soon with my babies.

  • juliette says:

    Praise God for the testimonies of healing.Thank God for his grace.I receive his healing in Jesus name.Though the test result is still positive. I know its roots has been destroyed and God is on his healing plan.praise God .I recieive my own testinnomy

  • PHYLLIS says:


  • Tosin says:

    I believe God for my set of triplet and I shall return to give my testimony (AMEN)

  • Sanju says:

    I believe that i have conceived my baby twins… A boy and a girl in Jesus name… And i will come back to write a testimony… Amen

  • Rebecca vict Victor says:

    I have undergone ivf after 7 years of marriage. I am waiting for blood test.Please pray for the miracle by Jesus grace.I am not in unbelief but wavering.But still expect miracle not by medical but by God’s grace.

  • Betty Francis says:

    I am waiting on my blessings of a child or children. I am over 40 no kids . I know God is able to bless me and my husband

    • Justine Tina says:

      Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.
      I have been trying for two years now to conceive but it has not come
      IAM believing God to bless me with twin or triplets because it is my yearning. I know the God who did it for you can do the same for me
      Am waiting upon Him for the timely intervention
      Am believing that this is the year of my miracle and now is the time
      I should testify to the world the mighty things that God can do
      God does amazing things and he shall fulfill that in my life too. Am still waiting upon the Lord for this miracle

  • Janey says:

    I’m believing God for what he’s about to do in our lives, (Myself and my hubby) I’ve ever prayed for the gift of twin babies( boy and girl) and I know my expectations shall never be cut short.. Iv just started a new journey of nine months this month and I know that my God of devine perfection shall surprise me with this double blessings iv ever asked of him… I know he’s overtly able!

  • Ruthy says:

    I and my husband are believing God for triplets, two boys and one girl for two years now. I had myomectomy and was given negative medical report of bilateral tubal blockage with left hydrosalpinx but am not move by dt report am moved by His word dt says I am fruitful and a joyful mother of many children. And this year is my year IJN. I don’t know how it will happen but d grace of God and his zeal will accomplish it: amen

  • Zodidi Nondumo says:

    Amen I thank God for all the testimonies, I’m nearly 50 no kids but trust God for children. My husband has children with other women but I know in God everything is possible. I know I will never die without a child.

  • Cathy says:

    Praying everyday to conceive twins or adopt twins. We are currently active with an adoption agency and hoping gods plan comes through shortly. Have been waiting for conception or adoption. After 8 years of infertility. We are hopeful and know God WILL come through..

  • Justin Vinsend says:

    Amen… I truly believe it will happen.

  • Guys, It’s been 4 years since our triplets have been born. And every year, it is a great joy to see them grow in love & wisdom beyond their age. Ever since, we have have been subscribing to the teachings of Pastor Joseph Prince & have seen great changes in my resources & attitude towards life. Even the upbringing of my kids is just a joy in itself.

    We have started to build more of a fatherly relationship with our Lord & have seen many more miracles in our life while raising the kids. The protection of singing Ps.91 over their bodies, Ps23 over their lives, revelation of Holy Spirit in their day to day activities and finally the gift of forgiveness that they have miraculously adapted.

    We have literally tasted & seen that the Lord is Good & is expecting for many more miracles like providing us a permanent home & other day to day resources. Honestly, we are living on Daily Manna & have seen how God is providing for the family.

    Let us not limit what our Lord can do within our thoughts, rather lets extend our cords of thoughts to the maximim according his Provisions. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely pray & faithfully hope that all your dreams/concerns will be met according to HIS RICHES & GLORY.

    Keep subscribing to Pastor Prince’ messages & receive your miracles in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Yemia Glen says:

    I want to tell all the women in the world with no child that there’s hope for y’all, because i was also a barren woman, i had no child for the past 12 years i consulted my doctor and my Doctor told me that there is no way on earth that i can ever getting pregnant, because of previous abortion i did for my ex husband, so i was confused and my husband was giving up and told me we should adopt a child, i was so sad in such way that i had to talk to a friend about adopting a child, my friend Said forget about adopting a child. She then introduced me to a spiritual Doctor. Marvelspelltemple @ gmail. com i contacted and explained everything to him and immediately Doctor Muna told me not to worry, my problems will be solved, i believed and did as he instructed me, including applying her fertility medicine. After 4 weeks i went to hospital for a total test and i found out i was 2 weeks pregnant and today i’m a mother of an amazing twins.

  • Manju Mebin says:

    Hi al,I am a women who had an abortion on the 3rd month of pregnancy..itz been 2months now..I think I am pregnant..I didn’t my mind insisting me dat I am pregnant and it is twins..I believe that God is talking to me..and now I trust His will..
    I didnt still I believe I am prgnt vth twins in Jesus name..
    I need al ur prayers..
    Glory to my Father..

  • Sandra Vivine Benjamin says:

    I am married 4 years now my tube was burn .Please pray for me n my husband to ave a twin miracle baby,l believed in God n miracle thank u

  • Sandra Vivine Benjamin says:

    Please pray for me to ave twins this year my gift of miracle from god we been married for 4 years tube was burn .and I cannot get pregnant I believe in God n miracle in Jesus name

  • Gift says:

    Praise be to God for this wonderful testimony. Indeed He is a Father who never fail. I key in to this testimony that our God Almighty will give me triplet baby boys through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  • Kimberly says:

    I have had two miscarriages and My doctor don’t understand why. It was a painful and emotional experience but God healed our broken hearts. My husband and I are trusting in God. We have been marriage for 8 years and desire to have twins -( Ethan and Olivia, I already have their names😊) I know that I will conceive and give birth to healthy, wonderfully & fearfully made twins this year, 2020. God is good and he is faithful.

  • Blessing Henry says:

    I key into this testimony and miracle of great children from a great and mighty God who can do, undo and redo in his own time. Father bless me this year with my miracle twins babies in the Glorious name of God Amen

  • Justine Tina says:

    Surely am believing God for a miracle of triplets as my next pregnancy this year
    I take it in Jesus name that the blessing is upon me now
    The miracles God has done He can do the same for me now
    I lift up my eyes and look into the mountain and where does my help come from
    It is only from the Almighty the Creator author and finisher of life
    I take it now and I believe God is now working amiracle of triplets I’m my body and I will l eave to testify of His goodness
    Amen Amen I pertake of it

  • Nkumbu says:

    It’s always a blessing to read testimonies from fellow believers on the goodness of the lord. Am praying for a twin pregnancy and will surely meditate on the word of God over the conception of twins.
    Thank you

  • Helga says:

    God is good .I trusting God for my miracle babies this year.God is faithful

  • Iniobong Akan says:

    Mrs Akan

    Am believing God for our triplets, Miracle, Marvelous and Testimony. Also a miracle job for my husband and I. We stand on the word of God in, Matthew 19v26.

  • Iniobong Akan says:


    Am believing God for our triplets, Miracle, Marvelous and Testimony. Also a miracle job for my husband and I. We stand on the word of God in, Matthew 19v26.

  • Maryjane says:

    I key into this miracle and I decree that by this time next year, I will carry my own triplets Amen.

  • Gracy says:

    Wow, I am so encouraged I became pregnant via IVF after 11 years wait I have been believing God for triplet 2 girls and a boy . I know God will accomplish what He has started I have held unto ecclv3 v14 and exodus 23v26. Thank you for this post.Gracy

  • Cyn G says:

    I key into this miracle as I just confirmed that am pregnant and am believing God for triplet boys and a healthy pregnancy journey for us all. I believe that I can do all things through christ who stregthens me, in Jesus name Amen and Amen !!

  • Rosy says:

    Married for seven years now, believing God Almighty for five kids in two pregnancies – one set of triplets and one set of twins, three boys and two girls. I connect to these testimonies believing that the same God will do it for me and my husband in Jesus name.

  • Goodness says:

    Wow wow wow,I thank God for dis testimonies,Infact I enjoy every bit of it

    Pls I’m pregnant now and I’m believing God of dis triple blessings to also bless me wit twins(boy & girl)

    I’m trusting God for my own double blessings from now till next year in Jesus Christ name Amen🙏 I tap from ur blessings in Jesus Christ name Amen🙏 Becux I know dat what God cannot do does not exist

  • Olivia Nwankwo says:

    Praying for twin boys, my God will do it in jesus name.

  • Titilayo says:

    Our God is indeed gracious. Thanks for sharing God’s goodness with us. I am trusting God to intervene divinely in all areas of my life and family and grant unto me rest unspeakable. I am holding unto His word in Jer. 30:17. May all our heart desires be met by God in Jesus mighty name. Amen

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