Praise Report: Delivered From Years Of Alcohol Abuse With No Withdrawal Symptoms

I lived under the influence of alcohol for over thirty-six years. During that time, I totaled three vehicles and damaged several relationships with my family members and friends. Things got worse in the last ten years and my drinking escalated after I had filed for personal and business bankruptcy.

I tried everything to stop drinking. I even began going to church and was baptized. But the same day I was baptized, I was back to drinking at the bar. I used to wake up in the mornings and beg God for forgiveness on my knees, but I just could not stop the downward spiral of feeling guilty and condemned.

When a friend told me about Pastor Prince’s sermons on God’s love, grace, and gift of no condemnation, I began listening to his teachings all day, every day. Over time, I listened to more than a hundred of his messages.

One weekday, I simply lost all desire for alcohol and did not experience any withdrawal symptoms! In fact, I slept very soundly on my first night without any alcohol. God had delivered me without the need for medication, counseling, or any other means of support.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching God’s love, grace, and forgiveness of sins.

Daniel Oneil | New York, United States

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