Praise Report: Healed Of Protruding Bone And Pain

On 18 December 2014, I injured my neck while attempting a difficult variant of a pull up. At first, it felt like a simple sprain. However, the next morning, after some massage and heat therapy, a bone at the top of my spine felt dislocated. I couldn’t turn my head left or right, couldn’t look up or down, and it was painful to bend over in any way.

Before I saw a Chinese physician, I partook of the Holy Communion and read some Bible verses on healing. Although the pain did not lessen, I told myself not to lose faith.

The Chinese physician told me that my spine was jutting out by about a quarter of an inch and asked me to feel it. He manipulated my spine with a crack and told me to return a few days later for another treatment. I felt marginally better, but the pain remained almost the same. I still couldn’t turn my head.

That Sunday, on my way to church, I prayed that God would heal me so that I could emcee at a friend’s wedding. I also hoped that Pastor Prince would pray for healing, but we were having our Christmas celebrations and I thought, “What church would hold a healing session as part of its Christmas service?” But I heard God telling me to trust Him.

At the Christmas service, I prayed for healing as I partook of the Holy Communion and the pain eased by about 30 per cent. I was joyful, encouraged, and grateful.

But God wasn’t done. The sermon preached at an earlier service was shown on video and when Pastor Prince started singing hymns in the video, I prayed and enjoyed God’s presence. To my surprise, Pastor Prince started praying for healing. I felt heat in my lower spine. It travelled steadily up my spine and into my arms. I knew that God was healing me. Then, Pastor Prince asked those who had pain to place their hands on where they were hurting, so I placed my hand over the protruding bone.

By then, I was crying buckets and only remember Pastor Prince saying, “If you are feeling a warm sensation, God has healed you.” He then said, “Now, do what you couldn’t do before.” I looked up and raised my arms to praise God and worship Him. I was healed—by a God who loves me so much! When I went back to the Chinese physician a few days later, he told me that my bone was perfectly in place.

My family went to Thailand as missionaries when I was six, and I knew a lot about the Bible. Yet, I didn’t have a real, personal relationship with Jesus until my girlfriend brought me to New Creation Church in 2013. I’m really thankful for this ministry that truly puts our Lord and Savior at the center of it all. If it weren’t for Pastor Prince revealing Christ through the Scriptures every week, I certainly wouldn’t be confident of my salvation or to ask God for healing. Thank you, Pastor Prince!

Ivan Yee | Singapore

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