Praise Report: Delivered From Addictions, Husband’s Medical Bills Provided For

I came from a very dysfunctional home and had a life that included every type of abuse a child could ever know. It even reached the point where my own mother tried to kill me twice. There are many blanks in my memory due to the severity of the abuse I suffered. Later on in life, my first husband died from liver cancer three days before my twenty-six birthday. Despite all that had happened, I never gave up because I always believed that God was with me.

But because I never had any support, I was often weak and gave in to the influences of the world. I started drinking from a very young age and continued until it almost killed me at the age of forty-one. I was also taking drugs. I once spent thirty-two days in the hospital with pancreatitis. The doctors only gave me a fifty percent chance to live, and yet, by the grace of God, I am still here.

Last year, someone shared with me about Joseph Prince Ministries and it has changed my life. I have been listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons and I can say that I am truly free and have no desire to return to the yoke of slavery to drugs and alcohol. I have joined a church, been baptized, and I feel free for the very first time. I read Pastor Prince’s book, The Power Of Right Believing, and loved it. I am just learning about my freedom in Christ, and God has been faithful and real in my life.

For example, my husband who has had hepatitis C (and almost died several times) has had multiple surgeries, with the Lord bringing him through each one. When my husband needed to start on a new course of Hepatitis C treatment, the insurance company did not want to pay for it because this is a new medication and it cost $110,000. But God made everything work out and at the last minute, the subsidy for the treatment was approved. Even the doctor’s office was amazed that it went through so quickly. They claimed that 200 of their patients have had to wait for approval. In some cases, the patients had to wait for two years.

But by God’s grace, my husband’s application went through within a month and the insurance company paid for it even though they had told us that they would not. I had my entire church pray for my husband and our Lord God Almighty certainly heard us and answered our prayers. Now, all we need to do is copay $5 a month when once we were told it that it would cost $31,000 a month. I know that this is the work of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Pastor Prince, your sermons continue to inspire me and I thank the Lord for your messages that come to me every day. As you have said, believe and your prayers will be answered. I surrendered all of my problems to our mighty Lord and Savior and am allowing His grace to transform my situation and me. Your sermons have given me hope again. I was lost for so long and now I have been found. There is certainly nowhere that God’s grace cannot reach.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Washington, United States

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