Praise Report: Living Life With More Passion Since Hearing The Gospel

I started listening to Pastor Prince over a year ago. I have been a Christian most of my life but I had never heard the gospel of grace until I listened to Pastor Prince preach.

I was taught that “sin breaks fellowship with God,” “we need to love God more,” and “we need to do more of this or that to please God.” Those teachings always kept me focused on myself! It was a vicious cycle, trying to keep God’s commandments, feeling condemned when I failed, “turning back” to God and then starting all over again. It was never ending!

But the gospel of grace has radically changed everything for me. Now I no longer focus on myself, but rather on Jesus and His righteousness! It’s not about my righteousness, but HIS, given to me as a gift! Because I now look away from myself and look to Jesus, I have so much more peace, so much more joy, and so much more passion for life! Life is no longer a constant battle of self-effort and striving, but really a peaceful and joyful REST in His Love!

Reading my Bible used to be work for me. I did it mostly because I thought it was a good Christian thing to do. Then I would feel guilty if I did not do it. Now, having received this gospel of grace, I simply LOVE reading the Bible! I read it with so much JOY! And it’s really a blessing when Pastor Prince unveils Christ in the Word in ways I have not seen before. It makes me want to go back and devour it some more.

Instead of feeling guilty about not spreading the gospel, I now can’t help but want to share it with others. Spreading the gospel no longer becomes some “burdensome duty” but something that I do out of joy because I want everyone to experience the same JOY, PEACE, and HOPE that the good news brings!

I never realized how much bondage I was in until I started listening to the grace message. I used to be so sin-conscious as I was constantly under the preaching that sin breaks fellowship with God. Because of that, I have even been to church and chosen not to partake of the Holy Communion! I was taught that with sin in my life I couldn’t approach a holy God! I spent my life trying to avoid sinning and of course the result was that I felt guilty all the time.

Now I believe that Jesus Christ has paid for my sins. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! Jesus Christ is my righteousness and I am constantly cleansed under His ever-flowing blood. This is good news for me and it has totally freed me to live life with so much more passion, joy, and hope. Now I know I am truly greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for unveiling Christ! Thank you for the message of grace! I am a very proud partner of your ministry and I pray that the gospel of grace will reach billions of people! May God mightily bless the work you do!

Eva Caspa | North Carolina, United States


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