Why You Can Enjoy God’s Unending Supply Of Grace (Part 2/3)

Worn out and stressed? God doesn’t want His children living life fearful, worried, and anxious—He’s got a better plan for you. Join Joseph Prince in this three-part series and find out how you can live life under God’s never-ending supply of grace!


“But, Pastor Prince, so far I’ve not seen this wave upon wave of grace you’ve been talking about!”

My friend, because of the cross, God’s supply of grace is ever flowing toward you, His beloved child. But you cut off 
the flow when you trust in your self-efforts. You wind up in self-effort every time you worry, for example, because when 
you worry, you’re essentially saying, “I’m depending on me to solve this problem. It’s solely up to me and my ability to get 
the job done.” Some believers end up in self-effort when they try to deserve God’s blessings through their works. They say, “God, I’ve fasted, prayed, read my Bible, faithfully attended church…now You ought to give me my breakthrough.” This, unfortunately, is self-effort born out of self-righteousness, which does nothing but frustrates God’s grace (see Gal. 2:16, 21).

Beloved, His grace is all about supply. The law (or trusting self-effort) is all about demand.

So when you think that God demands something from you—whether it is “responsible” worrying or good works—before He will bless you, then you have placed yourself under the law. You can’t be under law and under grace simultaneously. It’s one or the other (see Rom. 11:6).

So stop trying to solve the situation in your own strength. Cease trying to deserve His blessings with your sacrifices. God wants you to see how everything has been accomplished for you by Christ at the cross. All you have to do is simply receive His free supply of grace, wave after wave, for every need, lack, and crisis you face. You give your Father in heaven tremendous satisfaction when you respond to His love by freely receiving from Him like a child what Jesus has already paid for you to have!



We live a in a world of demands. Demands to provide for your family. Demands to live up to peoples’ expectations. Demands to do the right thing at the right time. Demands to hand in your reports and assignments on time and do a good job on them. Your boss may have just told you, “I want you to present our new product in front of two hundred people next week. Don’t let me down.” And you’re thinking, “I can’t even talk to ten people without my knees going weak!”

Maybe for you it’s a family situation. Your wife needs more money for the groceries. Your kids are saying you don’t
spend enough time with them. Many of these demands are legitimate, but if you don’t watch it and remind yourself to be supply-minded, you can be crushed under the weight of it all.

Let me encourage you to wake up every morning being supply-oriented rather than demand-oriented.

See the lavish supply pouring forth from your Father’s throne. See the provision 
of His grace, wave upon wave, sweeping over your need. If you are having examinations or going for a job interview this week, see wave upon wave of His wisdom, peace, and favor engulfing your situation. See Him supplying every word you need and whatever ideas or opinions that are asked of you.

My friend, remove thoughts of worry and failure by believing that His grace is being supplied to you—wave upon wave— for every challenge and trial that comes your way. Believe that your Father in heaven has seen your need and that His grace is more than sufficient for every one of your needs every moment of the day.


If a young girl from Florida can learn to be supply-oriented, so can you. This precious girl was always very shy and could not speak in public let alone sing, even though she has a beautiful voice. One day, she heard me sharing my testimony on television. I talked about how I used to be a stutterer in school, how the kids there loved to make fun of me, and how by God’s grace and love, He turned that very area of weakness into an area of strength—I would never have believed then that God would use me to preach His amazing grace to millions around the world, or that I would enjoy doing it!

This girl listened intently and believed that if God performed that miracle for me, He would do it for her too.

Today, she sings in the youth band in church and is also an active member of her high school Christian fellowship. Listen to what her grandmother shared with me: “One day, they were praying for the school and our country. She got nervous when it was almost her turn to pray. At that moment, she remembered your testimony and felt the boldness to pray out loud what God had put on her heart. Later, many who were part of that prayer group came to tell her how they were encouraged by her prayer. And just recently, she was chosen to sing the national anthem before the volleyball game in the high school gym. She gave the situation to the Lord again and asked Jesus to help her. Her voice was so beautiful when she sang.”

My friend, the demand put on you may not be to sing or speak in public. You may feel the demand to be a better parent, to improve on your skills at work, or better manage your finances. Like this young girl, be encouraged to know how God loves to flood your areas of weakness or challenge with His supply and go on to see this become a reality!

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