Rest Finds Grace

…Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

Genesis 6:8

The first time the word “grace” appears in the Bible is in the story of Noah—“Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” (Genesis 6:8). Noah’s name means “rest,” so the verse is showing us here that “Rest found grace in the eyes of the Lord.”

My friend, the enemy gets you off-track by getting you out of rest. How does he do this? By getting you into self-effort, where you trust in your own abilities to solve your problem. He wants you running around frantically looking for a solution, feeling anxious and troubled. But God wants you restful, trusting in Him and allowing Him to lead you to victory. Look at Jesus in the Gospels.

No one was more restful than Him, yet no one was more effective than He was!

Jesus rested in the love of His Father and only did what He saw His Father doing—there was no self-effort.

Beloved, stop striving through your own efforts and rest in the Lord’s love for you. Rest by trusting in His finished work. That’s how you allow Him to direct you with divine wisdom to His divine solutions. That’s how you allow His grace to abound in your life. His grace will stop that addiction. His grace will drive out that disease. His grace will fill your areas of lack and lead you to abundance and victory!

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Remain At Rest And Receive God’s Best


  • Debbie says:

    My life has been so Changed by you preaching of Grace and Truth The Gift of righteousness and the Forgiveness of sins thank you very much
    I know God loves me and I love him life changer

  • Nina Rehbeger says:

    I’m just moved to west monroe louisiana ,i can’t find TBN here cable or air

  • Diane Frederick says:

    Thank you Lord for JP

  • Frances Daniels says:

    I love your ministry; though, i notice you ended your prayer with “amen” only and not “in the name of Jesus, amen”. As a kid growing up we were told always end your prayer “in the name of Jesus”. Like, “no man cometh unto the father but by me, Jesus”
    I’m really interested in your response because that’s something that I actually was raised to believe and expect a true believer automatically knew to add to the end of prayer. And if they didn’t end prayer
    “in the name of Jesus” well… that would be like when they drew the fish in the sand way back, an identity aspect.

  • Natalie says:

    Dear Frances i been contemplating writing this,because I’m so confuse with all the teachings I listened to before so sometimes I’m not sure who is really speaking inside and Satan makes me believe I have an evil spirit.but I noticed this as well,but strange enough months ago me and a lady who God touched with the message if pastor Prince we talking about how we used the name of Jesus at the end of our prayer ,but yet it seemed like God was not listening.and she said ma I remember in church how they would pray in church and at the end of prayer they made sure that God would hear them say in the name of Jesus like its a magic formula.this lady comes from a culture that believe in ancestors so when she listened to pastor Prince for the first time she said to me ma this is true Jesus spirit.t cut a long story short ,God made us realize that day that we mentioned Jesus name at the end of our prayers as a religious act ,but when we came to God we really came in self righteousness.we never really trully understood what it means to come to God in the name of Jesus Till we started listening to pastor Prince expounding about The finished work of Christ.the righteousness that’s a gift and our complete forgiveness in him.sometimes I don’t mention in Jesus name ,but when I come to God I come trusting in what his son has done for me.i tread fasting before ,because I heard a lot of messages on fasting ,but God made realise long before I ever knew pastor Prince that ,when I fast I think God owes me something so i stopped fasting ever since ,because i used this as a bases for God answering my prayer .so when pastor Prince came in the Picture at a later stage ,Godwas connecting what he showed me before ,by the teaching of pastor Prince that’s based in the finish work of Jesus.but at the same time I have this voice on the inside that would come against the things I am seeing so I sometimes don’t know who is speaking.i hope that ,this will help you .when pastor Prince pray he comes to God not in his effort ,but trully trusting in Jesus,he might not mention Jesus at the end ,but God knows he comes to God in Spirit and in truth ,trusting in Christ and not his effort.on this blog pastor Prince expound about amen being more then a prayer tag and also that it declares our dependence on Gods grace and finish work of his Son.your sister in the lord Natalie .

  • mousereh favour says:

    when I read the testimony about the holy communion. I felt encourage despite my present challenges. I said to mysellf “kk put yourself in God’s rest and trust him to full fill all this plans concerning your life”

  • anita anne ambrose. says:

    Resting in the Lord, means trusting in him for the best, Staying in an unholy atmosphere for years and years and Restling with daily problems and still overcoming and challenging the negative forces which constantly are against you, was a challenge for me. Constantly reading the word of god and strengthening myself, and facing my battles of life. And gave up at times, Woke up again an again,wanting someone,to take me out of this shit, But God, Jesus himself reminded me of how much he went through, when he was on earth, always encouraged me to carry on my cross,which is lighter than his. And off course Pastor prince you are a great encourager. I learnt to Rest in God, and hearing all your sermons brings a smile on my face,and all the world as well smiles at you.Blessing to and your family and team & all those who are encouraged by you preaching.amen and amen.

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