Praise Report: Couple Now Cigarette-Free After Smoking For Over Forty Years

My husband and I have been smoking for many years—my husband, for over forty years and I, for thirty-six years. We have been trying to quit smoking for the past five years but to no avail.

Two years ago, I purchased Destined To Reign. We read the book but initially found it difficult to understand. This was because we had never encountered grace, even though we have been saved for more than thirty years.

Nonetheless, we persisted and read the book four times. By the grace of God, we finally understood and the message took root in our hearts and it has made such a difference in our lives.

Just six months ago, my husband commented that he felt he was never going to be able to quit smoking. But today, both my husband and I have been cigarette-free for six weeks. Our deliverance happened suddenly and without us putting in any effort. We were just overcome with a sense of not wanting to buy any more cigarettes and that was the last of it.

Hallelujah! Grace showed up and it just happened. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for the message of grace.

Sharon Wilson | Michigan, United States

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