Praise Report: Stressful Property Issue Solved Miraculously While Watching Broadcast

Some time ago, I was going through an extremely stressful situation with my rental property across the street. I had to put my renter in a hotel for several days while I was trying in vain to rectify an emergency situation. Three days later, the issue was still not solved, and I was running out of time and solutions.

While I was watching Joseph Prince on television while eating breakfast, I put my hands up and cried for help. Suddenly, I heard Joseph say, “I know you’ve been stressed out over something. It’s caused you tremendous anguish and worry. But you can stop worrying now. The problem is solved, in Jesus’ name. Everything is okay.”

Immediately, I felt more relaxed and at peace. Five minutes later, I walked over to my rental property and the problem had been solved—that fast and miraculously!

Praise God and thank you, Pastor Prince, for being a vehicle of His power, love, and faith.

Anonymous | Arizona, United States

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  • N.Arul Pandiaraj says:

    When are you coming to India?
    Wishing you all the best in your life and profession
    May God bless you
    With greetings blessings and prayers

    N.Arul Pandiaraj (70 years old)

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