Praise Report: God Gave Me A Wife Beyond My Dreams

I grew up hearing the Word of God all the time—in church, in my house, and through my mom, who was a church leader. I loved God and even suffered a lot of persecution in school because of my faith.

When I was in college, I started to pray for a Christian wife, but I could not find anyone to date. It was some years after graduation that I finally found someone I liked, but she broke my heart and I cried for many weeks.

I started to question God and ask Him why this was happening if I had been so faithful to Him. Even after I moved to the United States years later, I was still crying and begging God for a wife. I kept reminding Him of how good I was, how I kept myself pure because of Him, and how I deserved to have a wife.

Later, I began dating Christian girls and became serious about one of them. But she broke up with me and that made me resentful because I had treated her well. At the same time, I also felt condemned because I kissed her and I thought I was not “pure” anymore. I kept asking God for forgiveness but it only brought more condemnation.

From then on, I began looking at girls all the time with lust in my heart. I heard these accusations in my head: “How can God bless you when you have that sin, when you are full of lust? God won’t bless you and He won’t give you a wife!”

I repented and promised God that I would not lust after girls again. I did my best to spend time with Him by praying and reading the Bible. I also forced myself to look elsewhere when an attractive girl passed by. After a while, I would feel “full” of God’s presence and confident enough to pray for a wife, only to slip back into feeling lustful. And then the cycle of these religious efforts would start again.

I even increased my time of praying and reading the Word. I also fasted and went to church six times a week! However, after a few days, I would be back to flirting with girls on the Internet with my head full of lust for them. Then, I was back to crying and asking God for forgiveness. All these only brought more condemnation and guilt into my life and I started getting deeper into sin, even developing an addiction to masturbation.

I thought God was not going to bless me with a wife because of my actions and thoughts, and at the suggestion of a church leader, I made a vow to God. I promised Him many things including stopping masturbation in exchange for a wife. But after a few weeks, I was back to sinning again and I felt even more condemned about breaking the vow. I thought God was going to curse me.

By then, I was thirty-eight years old and still not married. I was angry because friends my age were already married and blessed with children. I felt that following God’s laws and statutes was a curse.

The turning point for me came when I saw one of my favorite pastors posting an update on Facebook about a book he had enjoyed reading. It was the book, Destined To Reign, by Joseph Prince. I believe that the Holy Spirit put the desire and curiosity in me to buy the book, and I started to read it after I got it in the mail.

At first, I did not agree with what Pastor Prince was saying. However, the more I read the book, the more I understood the gospel of grace. I started to go to a park every day first thing in the morning to read the book. I started to meditate on the gospel truths in the book.

It took me about two months to complete reading the book because it was so rich. At the end of it, I let go of all the disagreements I had because I saw myself as the righteousness of God through Christ. For the first time in my life, I did not have condemnation hunting me down! I still had the problem with masturbation from time to time but instead of crying, I began to confess, “I am the righteousness of God through His Son, Jesus!”

Knowing I was completely loved, completely blessed, and completely forgiven somehow kept me pure. I was also confident that God was going to bless me with a wife, not because of my good behavior, but because of what Jesus has done for me. I even told God to renew my youth and bless me with someone who was completely “out of my league.”

Finally, my miracle occurred when I felt led to create a profile on a Christian dating website. Soon after, I found a beautiful girl on the website, and I sent her an email. Unbeknownst to me, she had created her profile just fifteen minutes before I sent her the email, because she wanted to prove to her friend what a bad idea the website was. On that website she received tons of emails from guys wanting to date her. She deleted all those emails but she said that when she read my profile, something impressed on her spirit, and she wanted to get to know me better.

After communicating via email, we met and got to know each other better. I am much older than her but God confirmed in many ways that we are meant for each other. Her parents, who were against all her earlier relationships, also approved of me and our decision to get married. So now, we are married, and I can say that she over exceeds all the expectations I gave God! I could not be happier!

Both of us have read the books Destined To Reign and Unmerited Favor together. We are starting a group with neighbors and friends called “God’s Unmerited Favor Study Group.” I have bought all of Joseph Prince’s materials and we enjoy hearing his preaching every week.

Thank you for making me understand and welcome God’s grace in my life. His grace has changed my life forever! Now, I am passionate about showing people the true gospel of grace.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Tennessee, United States


  • Letticia Perry says:

    Thank you Pastor for posting this on facebook. For 23 years I have been divorced and celibate. My marriage ended because my ex husband and my daughter’s stepfather was found to be molesting her. She was 8 year old Pastor. After he was sent to prison for 5 years, we divorced and I vowed never to bring another man into our home again until my children were grown. My daughter is now 31.

    Long ago I resigned myself to living the rest of my life alone. I had the Lord and my children, that was enough so I threw myself into raising them and knowing Him. However, off and on I have experienced depression due to the loneliness. Sometimes, I cry every day, but I feel such fear whenever I think of surrendering myself to another man.

    In reading this post, a spark of hope happened in my heart. I will pray in a different way now, like the brother in your post did.

    Thank you Pastor Prince. The light of your ministry has turned my life around in every way! Love you and Wendy and Jessica and Justin, your 120%. Now I look forward to mine!

    • Yenny says:

      My name is Yenny Im from jakarta indonesia.Im almost 42 years old,im still single,never married for almost 12 years im not dating with a man.I have many men that want me to become their girlfriends but they just want sex/money,so Im not response to them.I always go to church and for almost 12 years I always protect my self so I can be pure not touch with any man.I always pray to God for give me a good husband but until now Im not meet my future husband.Im still believe God will give me a good husband.Many pastor said that God already pick a man for my future husband.Please pray for me.I knew many friends here that maybe have the same problem like me.Thank you..after I read books from Pastor Joseph Prince..I have many thing that open my heart about Grace…I knew this is a way from God for me to know more and more about His Love…

  • Daryl Gan says:

    I too am in your past predicaments. I am currently in that process of yours where I do the things you were doing. Like the vicious cycle of trying to be holy and expecting the blessings to be upon me because I am faithful… But then I fall back into sin harder then before. As I too am praying for a girl to be in my life too. I never had any experience or relationships to began with and I self-condemn myself very often. But I guess it’s all in God’s timing before anything good happens in my life. Till then I will keep watching Pastor Prince sermons and hope for a revelation to happen in my life. Thanks for the assurance of faith man.

    • Angelica Ramirez says:

      I hope and I pray that God give u the best women for u my friend
      God is always in Good timing
      God luck and GODBLESS
      Be happy always?

  • wendy says:

    God never fail, I believe he. Wil still show his favor in my blessed me with a Godly husband and a good job.And I wil want to advise everyone out there , who is still believing God for life partner to have faith, that is delaying doesn’t not mean is deny. JUST TRUST IN GOD.TNKS TO PASTOR PRINCE JOSEPH.GOD WIL BLESS YOU AND CONTINUE IT’S GOOD WORK IN YOU.AMEN.

  • dionne chin says:

    Thank you for sharing that story.

  • Wooooow wat a very powerful, inspiring words, thank you for sharing with us man of God & Pastor ure a blessing may de Lord we serve continue to bless u & ur lovely family….

  • matthew felton says:

    Praise God for answered prayer so i did something rare i fell to my knees and prayed this simple prayer the next day Evelyn applied for a job at my work place.
    a car dealorship in Spokane wash.

    God put my wife Evelyn in front of me 39 years ago, i did not know Jesus then but do now.

    My prayer; God please bring me a girl who is compatible so i dont end up like the rest of my failed friends marriages. I was 18 years old then…

    • James says:

      I’m 17 and feel like no woman will ever like me for who I am.i pray but I fell too hideous .will I ever find a good one?

      • Deborah says:

        James, God loves you and created you with a good beautiful heart. The woman God has purposed for you will adore you. Press into God’s presence and receive His love; allow that love to soak deep into you and learn it is who you truly are. As you walk in God’s love for yourself and others, no one, not even yourself, will think you are hideous, but you will shine bright with the love of Christ. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. I pray you see that and that God brings your wife into your life. Bless you.

      • Mike says:

        James you’re only 17. Enjoy your life. Too many people are getting divorced these days. Been there.

  • sal says:

    Glory to God in the highest. I pray God will remember me like He did Abraham and Sarah, Hannah, mephibosheth, Ruth, Mary and countless others. By his mercies that endure forever.

  • Merry says:

    I want God to heal my heart from guilt of sins

  • Olu Blessing says:

    Please pray for me pst I have been trusting God for a life partner. All I need is God’swill in marriage. Thanks sir.

  • Nathan says:

    This is a great encouragement to me pastor Prince. I am going to be 35 years old this summer and I am still single. I haven’t had much experience in terms of relationships, not much dating either. I’ve never understood why someone would want to date me or be with me in a relationship. I guess I lack confidence. My whole life I’ve been told that I am not good looking. I’ve actually been told that I’m ugly but apparently I have good looking friends. People discount me because I am single with no children. Even my parents discount my choices and opinions because they say I have no life experience. This is discouraging. It makes me feel like I’m not a man. I feel I have nothing to offer to anyone in a relationship. So I just live one day at a time.

    • Omayra says:

      I understand completely where you are coming from. Like yourself i too have been single all my 30 years of life. It is difficult when you want to date with a purpose but i am assured that God will give my the desires of my heart and a God fearing, loving husband is one of them. I hope you realize that you are not alone and our heavenly father knows how to give great gifts.

    • Salome Njambi says:

      Nathan, Your friends and family can dismiss your opinions, they can categorise you as ugly but remember the word of God says we are fearfully and wonderfully made, resembling Christ.Don’t worry about what people think about you..but what God thinks.

    • Rose says:

      Nathan, you were created in God’s image so consider yourself a master piece. God loves you n don’t ever loose hope. He knows you by name n u r written at the palm of his hand. It doesn’t matter what others think of you, but what does God say about you. You need to get your confidence back n know that if you are going to be loved you need to love n appreciate yourself first. You can not extend love that you don’t have yourself. Everyday look into the mirror, n tell that guy you see there. YOU ARE THE MOST HANDSOME GUY I HAVE EVER SEEN. Make sure every morning when you are leaving your house you feel smart, n confident. This is something you have to get from within you. Lemmi tell you something, you are very handsome Nathan n you are a master piece from God. Believe that when i tell you, you are who God says you are. Be blessed

    • Christine says:

      Hi Nathan,
      when adam sinned and they were hidding in the garden, wearing fig leaves, they told the Lord when He called out to them and they said ” we are hidding and afraid of You because we are naked” The Lord said ” who told you, you’re naked?” Because it wasnt Him.
      Nathan, WHO told you you’re ugly?
      The Lord didnt rebuke them, He gently went, took a lamb killed it and made them a coat of skin to cover them. An innocent one for the guilty.Then he went to the devil who accused them and made him eat dust all his life.
      The innocent animal represents Jesus, the true Lamb, who did nothing wrong but went to the cross for guilty people. His blood cleansed all my and your sins and covers you and His robe of righteousness like that lambs skin covers you.
      I hated myself, was criticised by my parents, there’s nothing good they ever saw me do, and almost died last year. I had no value for myself.
      When I reached the end of myself, in one final attempt I told God I can’t do it any more, and He asked, ” do what? ”
      I told Him, am not good enough, and that I was not smart enough etc. He said ” who told you that?”
      Funny how it was everyone else but Him.
      So I asked, ” what are You saying then?” He showed me everything He did was not for Him but for me. He gave up His Son for me and you, not for Himself. On the cross Jesus roasted in fire, to acquire God’s righteousness for us, yet none of those speaking can put a finger into the flame for me or you Nathan or anyone. He said “receive My righteousness and begin to say I am the righteousness of God in christ by the blood of jesus not by my performance.” I laughed at first, but then begun to say it. Then all of a sudden, the noise around me left. All those accusing voices in my head left. Those who liked to discredit me stopped. They begun to look at me with respect and were careful how they spoke to me. Everything changed about me.
      Nathan, the blood of Jesus shed willingly for you on the cross is how you look not what you do. Jesus died for sinners and you are forgiven so instead of disqualifying yourself, how about receiving an early chrismass gift and let it define you. Simply say “I AM the righteousness of God in Christ by His blood shed on the cross for me not by my performance” because that’s what He acquired for you by going to the cross. AN IDENTITY.
      You dont have to be smart to walk with God, I laughed at His simple sentence, but He didnt take offence. I am alive now and loving life because of Him.
      Stop diqualifying yourself, the blood of Jesus has qualified you for every good thing.
      The foundation has to be right, look away from yourself and say those simple words, it’ll be all good.

      • nahom kifleyesus says:

        god bless you greater ……. wat a revelation !!!!!!! u r blessed i feel the presence of God in the words u use and feel happy for nathan get healed with it ……….God blesss u greater deborah

    • Peggy Dearmon says:

      If they discount your life experience then how can they read and believe Paul’s writing. He remained single and encouraged others to focus on relationship with God. Most people’s “experience” is gained by dependence on others not the Lord. They are always running to Him to fix their situation. Keep Jesus as you First Love and everything else you need, He will provide.

  • Nalule Grace says:

    Want 2 b pure free 4rm sin

  • Mawunyo Tublu says:

    I pray for divine connection for a good Christian man to marry in Jesus name amen

  • Roland Osagumwenro Omoigiade says:

    Am in love with your ministry

  • Pauline says:

    I key into your testimony brother. I believe God will bless me beyond my expectation with a man after his heart not because of my goodness but for his grace and for his name sake.
    Thank you for grace Jesus

  • David munie says:

    Love to read more of Joseph prince

  • Ronilo S. Vigilante says:

    Big Amen to that testimony.

  • George kiarie says:

    Hi thanx for posting that testimony that is exactly me am right there @38 still single jobless and have an issue with masturbation but born again. Please Pastor Prince for me for deliverance and breakthrough for job and finances. blessings! nairobi, Kenya.


    Dear Pastor Prince. Happy Birthday..
    Another praise report from Connecticut, USA. I recently found a hard lump on my lower back. Having had cancer in the past and being completely healed, I still was so scared. The devil had a field day, and I felt like I wanted to die. I couldn’t go thru that kind of terror again, and decided to ask God to remove it.
    I waited ten days, took Holy Communion twice a day, prayed, watched you on tv, did did did, and yet, the lump remained and actually got bigger in size. I was devastated. My faith was useless, my prayers, I thought were unanswered. I couldn’t sleep, eat, think straight, I cried all day and all night.
    Then I remembered your words, (nothing else came to mind, not a verse, not a psalm, nothing). You said in the past, maybe years ago, on a short tv clip, that lumps are common and normal in the body and not always bad. I kept hearing that over and over and as I calmed down, I was able to hear my lord. I asked him why he allowed this to happen, and why he didn’t remove it, and he said,
    I laughed for the first time in a month, and realized why it was there. I thought I had to do this or that, (despite how many times you said that’s self effort and tho I knew it in my head, yet I still did it). I thought I had to show big faith, courage, no crying, no fear, pray more, take communion more, until my lord said, “you my dearest child do not have to do one single thing, because I have already done it” He went on to say that this was the lesson I needed to really learn, tho I heard it, my heart didn’t. He said he was showing me my beliefs and wrong thinking, and with this I would heal in all other areas.
    Pastor, how can I ever thank you enough for showing me the love of Jesus, who asks nothing in return, who cares about a tiny calcium deposit (which I thought was a tumor). How he was near to me the whole time, and cared so much that the only way I could get to know that love was by allowing me to go thru this. It wasn’t his intent that I should have a moment of fear or pain or anguish, but, because of my beliefs about self effort, pleasing God to get a healing etc, I brought it upon myself.
    I am free now to let this message filter into the rest of my life and I cannot wait to open “the grace center” that he has laid on my heart. bless you pastor,
    in His holy name,

  • Arlene says:

    Pastor I wud like u to pray for financial needs pls

  • benjamin duodu says:

    Much greater than this wil hapn 2 me

  • benjamin duodu says:

    This is HE who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we could ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us

  • brenda says:

    Im 59 divorced my husband after 28 years. He was finding women on Facebook. Have been seeing a guy for nine months. Been praying for gods will

  • Sereyvuhsou says:

    Thank you Pastor so much that you share me with a true story.
    Please pray for me too.

  • Imelda de leon says:

    Thank you for blessing others as God has blessed you abundantly! More power to your ministry !

  • Salome Njambi says:

    I have read through the comments and testimonies, sometimes we feel left out but God is always working behind the scenes.He never fails…Thanks pst.

  • tabula caroline says:

    Please God bless me with a happy boyfriend courtship that will lead to a happy marriage . am asking for a man who fears loves you. Who will love me provide for our family. I pray our family prays worships n praises you Lord. Let our family glorify ur name and we reach out to the needy. Bless our children too and our in laws in Jesus’ name I pray believing am answered. Amen.

  • Hadiza says:

    i married at d age of 21 and nobody forced me into it I am blessed with three kids , marriage did not Favour me he because he is very very violent I left after 9yrs because it was affecting my kids no regrets leaving him and also marriage is not on mind am happy I have my lovely kids with me he has remarried ?? God has been faithful is over three yes now and it was difficult in d beggining but God make somtins happen in our life so that d testimony to be sweet he doesn’t pay bills for his kids he has abdandoned us but God is still with us !! I pray for strength and health for me and my children and 32 yrs now and my God has been awesome !! Thank u lord

    • Rachel says:

      Praise the Lord. You are doing wonderful job. I am in the same situation as you. But God always with us. Amen.

  • cadmus says:

    nice story, it was really a blessing, may God remember me soon too. plus, I am getting that book.

  • Kimberly says:

    Thank you for the inspiring story. God is faithful. We need to LET GO AND LET GOD. Often times we take matters into our own hands and try and “find” a spouse for ourselves, try and “make” them the right person for ourselves…basically try and make our dreams come true. This approach will not only delay our processes of getting the “right one” who has been ordained for us by God, but will leave us so discouraged when we realize we had been wrong. If Jesus has complete and utter dominion over our lives, then we must give Him full reign over everything which concerns us…every single thing, and that includes finding you a spouse.

    Jesus is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think. He is totally faithful and knows exactly what you need and what’s good for you. Trust in Him ALWAYS.

    God Bless You All 🙂

  • FUNMILAYO says:

    I am really blessed with this testimony. Faithful is our God.

  • Ndifreke Abasi says:

    If God did it for him, he can also do it again by granting my heart desires husband.
    Thank you Pastor Joseph Prince for sharing this testimony.

  • Austin says:

    A lot of miracles have happened to me, but I believe coming across this story is the greatest of all! I could say that there is no need telling my story because the character’s life events is a mirror image of my own! I am thirty Eight too and still unmarried cos I have prayed and hoped that God would give me a good christian mate all these years to no avail! I have become an object of ridicule among my mates and colleagues who are all long married with children. My family members even think that something must be wrong with me. I have cried several times and have had to question God many times for remaining silent to my prayers. I was raised a staunch Catholic and also attended a Catholic school. In the university, I tought young people how to be chaste and remain virgins until marriage. They drew inspiration from my own life and many actually lived as such and succeeded. I didn’t date much because of the temptation to sin which was always part of it. I had hoped that through prayer, God would assist me get a good mate when the time came. The challenge was that as the years rolled by, and I got older, the pressure to date and find a wife mounted. There were scornful taunts from friends, including good christian friends, that I was waiting for God to throw a wife from heaven without any effort! I have a good job, live comfortably and not bad looking at all! So finding beautiful ladies to date was never going to be a problem and it wasn’t. The problem actually was that I only seem to end up with those who see sex as an inevitable part of relationships. Two christian ladies I loved and hoped of marrying ended up breaking my heart! Two months ago, after the last heart brake, I lost my virginity to another friend whom I hitherto admired, but avoided because of her very sensual looks. Before then, I had continously struggled with pornography and masturbation, with cycles of guilt and repentance. Right now, I feel it is no use any more since I am already condemned to my sins and seemed more inclined to take as much as any of the ladies around me could offer! However, Your story have reassured me that there may be hope for me afterall despite my sins! Please what else can I do? How can I get those two books mentioned in the story? May God bless you in you work.

  • Merle Eileen Finn says:

    I have listened to many Joseph Prince msgs on TBN,also seen tapes at cell groups. I can’t tell you how gratefull to God I am for this “Kingdom Man” he has encouraged me and made me realize how wonderful it is to walk being restored and full of joy, having a grateful heart.

  • Alex A. says:

    pastor prince book as been a blessing to me. there is nothing you shared here that is new to me because one way and the other I have seen favour, blessing and love coming my way.

    I just need a faithful lady for a life time partner.

  • nancy says:

    I wish God answered me now too. I’ve come across tons of players who are either married or single n they’re all gd looking. I asked God if all His handsome creations will just be sinners who’d not be faithful.. at 35 i don’t feel like givin up or get lured into the games w these jokers… but i m really really tired n feel like shutting the door n go pray to increase in career instead.

  • oluchi says:

    thank u pastor prince for this testmony,am blessed and relieved after reading.what is happening in my life now is similar but i believe God will change my life and grant me my heart desire. please pray for me pastor

  • shalom says:

    pls pray 4 me so that i would find the right person

  • Ivy says:

    It was great testimony! I am challenge also with that feeling that until now I don’t have partner in life, faithful in Church, doing ministry. I am now in the right age of marriage but nothing comes, But still I am praying and waiting for true love what God has promise.

  • ayo says:

    Thank God. This is awesome

  • Ola says:

    I’ve been directed to a young lady, I believe God brought my way. However my family doesn’t want me to marry her because the don’t like her family’s background. But her family welcomes me. Weve had a lot of challenges because of some offences on both our paths. Please pray for us. I strongly believe this is the one

  • dami says:

    Will u continue in sin…and say grace should abound?

    • Mandy says:

      If you are truly saved, you wouldn’t want to sin. It’s like saying, “shall I break my leg, so that I can get stronger bones?” No, as believers, we definitely would not want to sin- because we know that it will only hurt us. A true believer is like a sheep– when a sheep falls into the mud, it wants to get out, not stay in there. We feel uncomfortable, and we don’t want to stay in there.

      But when we do fall into sin, and make a mistake (like any human does), I thank God that His grace is there to save us. Romans 6:14 says that “Sin shall NOT have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace.” Believing that you are under God’s grace will lead you to live a life that is truly holy, set apart and glorious… and this testimony of this brother is excellent proof of His grace.

  • Ruth N says:

    One thing, we should all know as Christians that as he is so are we in in this world.
    I pray that the Holy Spirit reminds everyday

  • dami says:

    *Should we continue in sin…and say grace should abide*
    Ok thank u…now itz clear…willingness to come out of it makes it clear

  • vicky says:

    Wonderful testimonies iv read here.. Greetings to all in Jesus’s mighty name.How does one fight guilt,knowing they’ve made so many mistakes but is willing to change.My heart knows no peace, I pray and cry my eyes out everynyt and God knows how pure my heart is but iv let him down so many times,and I feel I can’t be forgiven and restored.Iv been thru a lot in my life,i came from a broken home and was raised by relative who made my life miserable,so I vowed never to be kept again.Iv done things for myself my whole life.But no one knows how stressed and depressed Iv bin.Im now 25 and im a female.i have so many questions to life sometimes all I think about is how il die,and wen il die.A day never passes by without thinking of death.Im a kind that has faith in God but sometimes I feel I’m not good enough.i choke with guilt but I just don’t know how to fight it.Will I ever know how to be happy again.I rily do love God and I want to feel that he loves me too and wants to set me free from the bondage im living in.I bow down and pray to God besides my bed and cry myself to sleep,im rily tormented,and no one knows but me and my God.

    • Tumelo says:

      I am 23 and really inspired by this and God is faithful and things might not be perfect but i am trusting the holy spirit, unlike many I didn’t wait, lost my virginity at 18 due to peer pressures and I regret it everyday and sometimes feel unholy and undeserving of a husband as what’s the point if i am already not a virgin, i would like to get married not have kids yet, but just to be married and be a role model to young girls and remind them of God’s Grace and restore the idea of marriage in my community as it’s been lost, not much young Love as everyone is concerned about money and just building careers #selflove and I am over it , i am trusting in God and all these testimonies are amazing and Thank you so much, testimonies help us grow and show that God is still who he is i am ready to yield to the holy spirit so he leads and I follow…i don’t know his plans but Jesus is a bit of a show off i believe and will show his Grace and power to all…let’s continue trusting in God , i don’t know when i will get married but i pray soon as luke 18:1 says men always ought to pray and not lose heart and excited for God to blow my socks off with the perfect man be blessed MWAH.

  • Seema says:

    Pastor Prince Today I really need this….Thank u right time I got this…again I realised righteousness of God …. Today really I need grace of God..n before reading this I was suffering for that what I did….but know I m feeling freedom….Thank u ….
    God Bless u n ur
    I m so much like ur progrm n ur teaching….
    God Bls U

  • Truth says:

    And then there are many of us good men out there today still wishing for a good wife and family that we Don’t have today which many of us are Not single by choice.

    • Tia says:

      just reading through…and wondered if you were saying that you would love a wife and family…..but your not able to because you have taken some kind of oath to stay celibate, in order to concentrate on God ?

      • TRUTH says:

        TO TIA, well there should be no reason why i should be all alone when God did say that man should never be alone Right? I certainly agree 100 percent.

  • Beryl says:

    wao i am so blessed and encouraged by your testimony brother. i identify so much with you in many aspects but i bless God for making me see that i am righteous not by my effort but by what Christ dis for me. I am also believing God for a husband and a good job and i believe that the same thing he dis for you He will surely do for me in Jesus name.

  • Tia says:

    May i say i also understand much from your testimony …..

    i am in my 40 plus years and never yet been married…….i grew up in a very abusive, home…etc…etc…etc leading up to my being born again i was still experiencing abuse…i say this because when i came to believe …..i felt free .(..i had been a prisoner to people- and never believed i would ever get free) it was Amazing…to think i had awonderful.holy, dad who loved me and didnt want to hurt me ,ever, that he only wanted what was good for me. felt so secure and strong and i studied teachings hours for the first year or so… the point…i have been totally by myself most of the last 10 years….i never thought for one minute i would ever want to be with a man again….however about a year ago i went to what is called a mission meeting… was lovely preached the gospel…then i went again and there was a new man there, i said hello,
    got the old fashioned hymn book…thought nothing at all… and on went the meeting…2 men known as disciples…preach half an hour each….but when this new man was preaching…it felt like my tummy opened up and i felt so connected to him….the next meeting i was lokking and reading my hymn book on a certain number hymn..then he began by saying we will sing number 285…id just read it it was weird….anyway i began to cry every time he preached…..i thought myself the things and ways he thought and spoke of……anyway i thought something was different in that they they were mostly older ladies ….some couples and families with one having a 20 plus beautiful daughter…..who also with every other lady had her hair in a bun..none of the ladies had dyed their hair…me my hair is thick ,long and wild after just washing it…no make up…i dont wear it much .that was in my favour……but although the disciples asked to meet for a chat 4 times.i let them down……i had such a strong feeling for this one disciple…it scared me…..but also i learnt they had taken an oath of purity and truth…and they do tend to be similar as in the bible leaving all behind- i was told not being encumbered by wife or home…this elder was stern with me…..the disciple man i do think was attracted to me as a person and a woman…however….i began to panic that god might curse me or kill me because of such a reaction as though it was dirty what i felt…i got so condemned .as the focus was on the after life and i wanted to think about this life…….i .had a bad dream. .told.the elder he said it could be
    me to die so get right with god!!
    he has been sent off to the far east and china…i began to get physical feelings aswell as just loving him…i never had that before….but the has haunted me for a year…i too recently discovered pastor prince and his book is helping although im not sure which way is right anymore…..i think of him wen they sleep and wake and pray for him.. and the others….today i have cryed all day…i cant seem to go longer than a few days as its painful and confusing…….he i am all tight with god…then after 10 year i see and feel first time ever for a man…and hes taken an oath………the word ive kept saying is ..why?
    then after the dream..i got one enzyme too high in my liver….that confirmed what the elder said…ive been afraid..thinking im cursed and im gonna die….before i met these people i was okay…..i cant except ..yet…that i can never be with him…….i hope this topic is still open and thank you for allowing me to express this……when i told the elder about grace and at that time i didnt know of pastor prince…so i said Andrew Wommack…..and the elder said…some preachers get it almost right….but very few get the truth and go to heaven…..i would never want the disciple to stop preaching i am in need of his preaching, and am not in a church anymore
    they seem to have cut me off……..i am afraid of hell and need some revelation from God to let me know im right with him…..

    • Mandy says:

      Dear Tia,

      You are precious to God and dearly loved by Him.

      As a believer in Christ, there is therefore now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Rom 8:1 NASB).

      Be assured that God does put sicknesses and diseases on His children! Our Lord Jesus has paid the full penalty for every curse (see Galatians 3:13). Any form of sickness or disease is a lying symptom– God will never, ever, ever cause you to be sick. At the cross, Jesus paid a big price to redeem you from the curse. You are not going to die.

      Today, healing and health is YOUR portion! (see Isa 53:4-5, 2Pe 2:24). Don’t believe the lie that God wants you to be sick. Tia, the Lord wants you to come before Him just as you are. You don’t have to feel ashamed or “dirty” before Him, He wants you to know that Jesus’ blood has cleansed you whiter than snow (Hebrews 10:14). You are righteous because of His finished work at the cross (see 2Cor 5:21). Let His grace free you from every wrong thought you have about God.

      I would like to encourage you to attend a local church that shows you how precious you are in Christ.

      If you would like, maybe you could click on this video that will help you:

      Hope this blesses you!

      Much love,

  • Tia says:

    May i just say, im grateful thank you, Mandy

    love Tia

  • Uchenna Njoku says:

    This story is a replica of mine. Excluding love, Mercy and grace are everything. I wanted a lot of things in my husband and thought I deserved it cos of my Christian way of life until God showed me that it wasn’t of him that runnet but of God that showeth mercy.

  • Ruth mwai says:

    I thank God for revealing the truth in my marriage life,its high time i start to value my spouse through only by grace of our Lord Jesus christ of Nazareth.

  • TheRealHonestTruthWhyAGoodManLikeMeIsStillSingleToday. says:

    It is just too bad for a very Good man like me that Never met a Good woman today that is Not so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, and very money hungry, which by now i could’ve been married with a real Good wife and family since so many others were very Extremely Fortunate to have that Gift of life that i would’ve certainly Loved too.

  • Thabang says:

    Pastor good day

    I am a bornagain male Christian who is in his 40’s who goes to church based in Durban( South Africa). I am curious to know how to I get a born again female christian woman who love and fear God? I sometime worried the my family is cursed.

  • Richard Katee says:

    Hi am 35 now and single. I have been prayin hard for a job and a good wife but still on answer but in Jesus I trust always…thanks for your testimony it gives me increased hope

  • Jason says:

    Well lets face it the real reason why so many of us good men are still single today is because it is the women of today that have really changed from the good old days which years ago they were nothing at all like today since we really Can’t blame God at all to begin with. Most women today are certainly Not old fashioned anymore like they once were in the past which unfortunately does have a lot to do with it. Back in the old days which men that were really looking to meet a good woman Never would’ve had any problem at all since the women were much different which made it very easy for them just like our family members had it. Most women i would say were looking to really meet a good man to settle down with as well since Most men and women in those days were very pleasant to meet with a very good personality which made it very easy too. Since i am an old fashioned good man i was always hoping to meet a good old fashioned woman myself which unfortunately it never did happen for me even though i dated a lot of women. And in my time Most of the women that i did date wanted to date other men instead of being Committed to just only one man which they even told me this as well at that time since i really wanted a relationship with just only one woman. So it is very unfortunate for many of us men to keep going out all the time and never meeting that right one good special woman for us since many friends that i know do have the same problem today too. Quite a change in the women of today that has made it very difficult for many of us good men that are still single today has i speak since it does really take two to tango today.

  • mike says:

    I lost my amazing god given fiancé because of porn.

    Please stay away from porn by any means

    a brother in christ

    • Robert Wayne says:

      I agree with you 100%. Also I’ve lost my faith in God to provide a good woman for me. I’m 58 years old and I’ve been rejected and friendzoned by every woman I’ve ever fallen in love with. To be honest, I’m angry at God because most of my friends and acquaintances have had somebody in their life while I’ve been completely alone except for a few women I’ve gone out with for no other reason than because I didn’t want to be alone. I guess I’ll die old and alone but the worst thing is not knowing why God is doing this to me. What am I being punished for??? Why are some men so lucky to be provided a good mate while there are some of us who are cursed to be alone no matter how hard we try or pray for things to change.

      • Carmen says:

        There still many true Christian women looking for a nice Christian man, I am witness of that and many over 49 years old. I have been to the prayers for a spouse videos at and there a many praying for a spouse. For some reason, people don’t read the posts and try to connect with one of the nice ladies. Will pray for you, also the problem is that women think there aren’t men for them and men also think there are no good women either, Pray for the connection to happen. Take Care.

    • Jagdish says:

      You are right brother,we all should stay away from this disastrous habit of watching porn to save our most precious relationship !! Which eventually get affected very badly by this!!! May God bless you to get through this worst!!! Amen

  • Robert Wayne says:

    The Bible says to ask and you shall receive. I’ve been asking for a good woman to love and who will love me since I was 12 years old. I’m 58 now and have received nothing but unrequited love from every woman I’ve ever fallen for. My life has been one big curse because of this. Why have so many other men asked for a good wife and received from God while I’ve been denied any personal happiness whatsoever????

  • Jagdish says:

    You are right brother,we all should stay away from this disastrous habit of watching porn to save our most precious relationship !! Which eventually get affected very badly by this!!! May God bless you to get through this worst!!! Amen

  • JM says:

    God really sucks for punishing many of us good men with the single life, even though we really never wanted to be in the first place. Didn’t God really say that man should not be alone? So much for that, when so many others were very lucky to find love.

  • Lawrence says:

    ROBERT WAYNE I want you to understand who God is.He is more than able.His wisdom surpasses our understanding.So you can’t question God.God is very faithfull and things happen at His will.At your age 58 God can make things turn around.Remember 1000 years is like one day to God and 1 day like 1000 years.If you read Mathew 6:33-34 (But seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness,and all these things will be given unto you as well)now God is very clear that He wants you to seek Him(meaning dispite what circumstances seek perfect relationship with Him,love him,see his goodness over your life.Then he says that seek also His righteousness (meaning be holy don’t tolerate any sin in other words for God to answer you be 100 -% committed to him.Many are questioning God why have i prayed and it did happen but when you look their lives mustabation is found in them ,lust is full in their eyes,may be you mistreated even somebody in you earlier life you have never asked for forgiveness,may be you disobey your parents you havent ask for forgiveness.You have not repented of past sin .God cannot answer when you hold something else in your life.God is faithfull.When you love God He is willing to give you answer s of your questions over your life and you will be contented and have joy and peace for rest of your life.I may question you before you question God.In Kenya here there is Guy who had his family wife and children .But lost them through airplane crush from Ethiopia to Kenya.Now he had a family but has non and worst going through pain of losing all he had.Who is more better than who.I wish you could understand that you have great companion that is He the person of the Holy spirit .Jesus promised I will not live like orphan s I send you a helper.He Holy spirit can be a great companion if you don’t know.He is all knowing the spirit of truth ,mighty counsellor and comforter.Amen be blessed.

  • Johb says:

    Hi I’m Johb & am 24 at age am also one of the victims at this isues of relationship and marriage, I used to pray every day but all-over a sadden I found myself out of the line of Christianity , I have been backsliding oftentimes I don’t know what is happening in my life am just blank, please help

  • OKULI says:

    I’ve learn a lot from the testimony and replies. Be blessed Pastor Prince

  • Mark says:

    Amazing Grace.our God is faithful and never fails.

  • joseph says:

    i like the testimony,i have been struggling to find life partner,sometimes i see as if God is not answering my prayers,but i thank God because i know he will bless me to with a christian partner who will be a prayer partner to me.

  • Nick says:

    Many of us single guys that really wanted to meet the right good woman for us just didn’t happen for some unknown reason, and being married with a family would’ve been a great thing had it happened for us. And had we been born in the past which it would’ve definitely happened since most women back then were very old fashioned and very easy to meet, and today most women are very hard to meet unfortunately for many of us single guys still looking and hoping.

  • Guest says:

    It is very tough being a single man when everyone else that you know are all settled down with their families. The very lucky and blessed ones i would say.

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