Praise Report: Stones in gallbladder gone

Since the middle of 2019, I had been having abdominal pain once every few months. In September 2020, I went for an ultrasound and I was found to have four gallstones in my gallbladder.

The doctor immediately recommended that I undergo keyhole surgery to remove them. As I didn’t want to have surgery, I asked if there were other options and I was told that the alternative would be for me to be on medication for a few years. However, that would not guarantee that the gallstones would go away.

Finally, I told my doctor that I would try controlling my diet and stop eating oily food to avoid a flare-up. However, a couple of months later, I went for a holiday and ended up eating some oily food which triggered my abdominal pain. I went back to my doctor and he insisted that I undergo surgery.

The next day, on 22 November 2020, I tuned in to New Creation Church Online and towards the end of the sermon, Pastor Prince said that someone had recently been diagnosed with gallstones and God was healing the person.

I believed that Pastor Prince was speaking about me and God wanted to heal me. So, I claimed that healing. For the next few days, I started to feel different and all my past symptoms disappeared.

I requested to go for another ultrasound and was scheduled to do so in March 2021.

During this time, I patiently waited and gave thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ every night believing that He has healed me.

On 8 March 2021, I went for the ultrasound and the report came back saying that my gallbladder is all clear! According to the radiologist, my gallbladder is normal with no gallstones! Praise God for completely healing my gallbladder. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the message of grace!

Edmund Lai | Australia

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