Praise Report: Protected from Accident During Road Trip

When my wife and I started our two-week road trip to visit our family in Texas, we prayed for a safe trip. After many hours of traveling and an overnight stay, we finally made it to the highway exit that would take us to our kids and grandkids.

As we were entering the exit, the light pole at the exit suddenly fell about a hundred feet in front of us. Had we been one or two seconds further along, that light pole would have hit our car, causing an accident and possibly injuries to us.

The next morning, as we sat outside a restaurant waiting for a table, I read your devotional about experiencing supernatural protection. I read the line, “Only your heavenly Father can place you in the right place at the right time and protect you from accidents, danger, evil, and disease.” Then I read Psalm 91. WOW.

I showed my wife a few verses from Psalm 91 and the quote from your devotional. We stared at each other in wonder and acknowledgment. There are so many ways to look at this, but for my wife and me, this was a message of assurance of our faith in a loving God.

Anonymous | Illinois, United States