Praise Report: Restored With Better Health And Marriage After Knowing The Father’s Love

Pastor Prince, I grew up in a single-parent family with a very legalistic mother. My mother had to raise six children by herself so she clung to God the only way she knew how. However, the preaching that we were exposed to was all hellfire and brimstone.

At the age of six, my mother told me horrible things about my father and how he didn’t love me. When I was fourteen, she believed I needed to be delivered from “lust demons” after she found out I had a crush on a boy. I understand now that she had those beliefs because of what we were taught in church. Nevertheless, that led me to eventually turn away from God completely for many years. At sixteen I became pregnant and had a baby.

Eventually, I met my father when I was twenty-two. He denied that I was his child. After a year, he made it clear to me that he was only interested in me sexually. I never spoke to him again.

Last December, I went to the hospital because I was suffering from severe panic attacks. The next day, I injured my back and spent several nights on the couch. At this point, I knew that only God could help me so I spent my time watching Christian channels. I chanced upon your teaching on the love and acceptance of our Daddy God.

I could not accept what I heard at first because of my past. I grew up thinking God was mean and just waiting to send me to hell the first opportunity He had. After all, if my earthly father couldn’t love me, then why would my heavenly Father?

But as I continued to hear your teaching, I finally came to understand that all the feelings of being unloved were lies from the enemy—my Daddy God does love me!

Now the anxiety is gone! Depression is gone! My health has greatly improved—my cholesterol was high and I was on the verge of diabetes but now, all those numbers have come down. My marriage that was on the verge of divorce is better than it has ever been.

Pastor Prince, my husband, kids, and I watch your program several nights a week and both of my younger children have given their hearts to Jesus through your broadcast!

Thank you for the message of the grace of God that you allow our Daddy God to work through you. I also thank God that you are out there spreading His love and grace for all the world! You are truly a blessing! And thank you most of all for sharing about my Daddy God to me in a way that I could finally believe and trust His love for me!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | North Carolina, United States


  • Peter Okumu says:

    God is a caring God. Every hard time, storms, is way He allows us to go through to know Him better and His deserving care. He loved us so much that he gave his only begotten son to die for us. John 3:16.

  • Catherine says:

    This is my story too;) almost exactly! Oh how I love him now because of your preaching pastor prince. I feel so happy to know God this way. It fills every emptiness and I don’t know where I would be without beautiful Jesus 😉

  • Linda says:

    awesome testimony. Thanks to Almighty God!.

  • Bob Sim says:

    What an encouraging testimonies but Pastor Prince I’m still struggling with my own addiction of pornography habits after all these 69 yrs if my live. Everytime I put it away it comes back to temp me to want for me. Pastor I need Farher God to help me fight this battle together with me for I’m weak and He is strong. Amen

    • steve says:

      Bob even though our Daddy God doesn’t want us bound by any addiction, he loves u just the way u are, he is not demanding anything from you, he is rather supplying u… Just take more of his love for u, meditate, feed and keep your eyes on our precious saviour. Stop struggling to give it up. The more u struggle the harder it becomes, just take more of his grace and breath in the sweet fragrance of his love for u…..

  • Truphena says:

    This is an awesome testimony, God works in mysterious ways to prove his love to us, his Grace is sufficient for us, I am blessed by this ministry, God bless you Pastor Joseph Prince.

  • Hope Besa says:

    Wow, What a Great God We Serve…
    Very Encouraging And Motivating Testimony Right There….
    Father God You’re Worhty To Be Praised And Honored, “You’re Holy,Holy,Holy,Lord God Almighty”…

  • Hope Besa says:

    Wow, What a Great God We Serve…
    Very Encouraging And Motivating Testimony Right There….
    Father God You’re Worhty To Be Praised And Honored, “You’re Holy,Holy,Holy,Lord God Almighty”…

    More Grace Upon You Pastor Joseph Prince

  • olivia says:

    Reading such testimonies fills my heart with joy! We thank The Father for your life Pastor Joseph Prince, my life changed for the good and still improving thanks to watching you every morning. I do hope you’ll come to South Africa very soon. GRACE GRACE GRACE!!!

  • Musa Bassi says:

    God is good to me and will always be good in Jesus name.Amen

  • carlton james says:

    Pastor Prince Thank for the truth from God our Daddy love us so much it has changed my life my wife past last year from cancer I have been struggling from missing her. I its God will we both love the Lord. I’m always thinking if I could have did this are that. The devil try to made me feel unworthy. I know Jesus love me and I know she is with Jesus. Pray for me.

  • Matt says:

    The Lord will help any problem if you just give Him a chance. Amen. Psalms 46:1

  • Tabisa Ralawe says:

    Growing up I was told on a mistake and that wasn’t planned but my younger brother was.. when my marriage fell apart and was left to raise my son all alone at a tender age, I clung on to My Creator. Reading such powerful testimonies gives me more strength to go on trusting God with the impossible. He has carried me through all

  • Okoroka Joan says:

    God is love. Thanks Pastor Prince

  • Okoroka Joan says:

    God is love. Thanks pastor Prince for all your encouragement

  • bryan says:

    thank u daddy God for your love n kindness that is better than life itself

  • Ruby.Laryea says:

    all I can say is God is good .

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