Praise Report: Right Believing Leads To Right Living

I have been greatly blessed by Joseph Prince Ministries, especially the books, Destined To Reign and The Power of Right Believing.

I was born and raised in a Christian family. Although I was fairly interested in the things of God, I was truly saved only in 2012 at the age of twenty-three. After being saved, I strived to do good as much as I could through my own efforts.

I began to stumble in my walk with God in ways I knew I shouldn’t. I began to condemn myself for my inability to live up to the righteousness that God has so graciously granted me through Christ. The condemnation was greater than when I first got saved. This was because I thought that after being born again, I should not make wrong decisions or fall into sin as this would upset God after all He had done for me.

However, after reading Pastor Prince’s books, my thought life experienced a major change. I realized that though I thought I had been relying on His grace, I was still trying to do good by my own efforts to please God.

But the books have helped me to start believing right. As I rest in His grace each day, I began to experience less guilt and condemnation. The more I experience His love for me, the more I began to love others around me. It’s an overflow of His love in me that has brought about a change in me that I could not experience no matter how much I strived for it through my willpower and efforts.

I cannot thank God enough for using Pastor Prince to bring about such a change in my life through His gospel of grace.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | India

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