Praise Report: Received New Job with Pay Increase During COVID-19

I’ve been attending New Creation Church for 2 years now. Sometime in October 2020, I was told by my project manager that they had to let me go as our project was to be completed by the end of the year and there was no new project they could transfer me to.

Even back then, I wasn’t troubled at all as I knew deep in my heart that all things would work together for my good (Rom. 8:28). I was also holding on to the theme of the year that Pastor Prince had for his church in 2020—The Year of Time and Space. I knew God made time and exists outside of time, and He will bring about what is good for His children in His perfect time.

As the months went by, there was still no sign of me securing a new job. During this time, the enemy was also at work in feeding me lies. One morning, I was having coffee with my friend when he told me that in the COVID-19 pandemic season, I would not be able to find a job with a salary matching my current pay, let alone a higher one. But I told him my Abba Father is faithful and that He surely has a job for me with higher pay.

During this season, Pastor Prince also shared many times on Romans 8:28. This encouraged me even more and my faith arose for I knew I was being reminded by the Lord that all things, even seemingly unpleasant things, will work together for my good.

In December 2020, I checked my e-mail and there awaited me an offer for a position of senior technical officer in a well-distinguished and established company with a salary increase of 10 percent more than my current pay. Truly God gives me more than what I ask for. He is really a good, good Father.

All glory to our God of time and space!

Jerome | Singapore

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