Praise Report: Provision Of Grace For Difficult Examinations

In my final year of high school, I was left to choose between two different courses offered by two different universities. It was a difficult decision, made worse by my relatively young age and inexperience. So I left the decision to God, trusting that He would make the situation work for my good. I was eventually accepted into the pharmacy faculty of one of the universities, without needing to sit for the pre-acceptance tests. Better yet, I was offered a place to stay on campus.

Despite enjoying the course, I failed a subject in the first semester of my first year. But by God’s grace and provision, the subject I failed was not a subject required for the following year. However, I was subsequently faced with even more difficult examinations which led to me having to retake five of my seven subjects. This was challenging for me and my first reaction was to call my dad.

My dad pointed me to my heavenly Father, asking me to tell God how I felt and to thank Him because the failures were not from Him and that He would make everything work for my good. My dad also reminded me that I have been redeemed and should not give in to these failures in my life. What he said made me realize that God has never failed me and never will.

So every time I got the feeling that all was lost, I would watched Pastor Joseph Prince’s sermon on Winning The Battle For Your Mind and partake of the Holy Communion with my family. We would also thank God for the passes that were coming, believing in His provision.

Before every test, my family and I would partake of the Holy Communion and thank Jesus for being my knowledge, wisdom, and peace. We would also claim 1 John 4:17 declaring that since Jesus does not fail tests, I was not going to. As I entered His rest, I knew that whatever I did not have time to study for, Jesus would take care of it because it was He who had already overcome the examination for me.

In the end, I passed all five re-examinations. All praise to God for His provision and grace! Even though I am still experiencing challenges, I know that God will never leave me nor forsake me and that all things will work together for my good!

Pastor Prince, I want to thank you for all your sermons and the daily devotionals. The Power of Right Believing has been my bread through the last six months and is always the first thing I grab when I feel down. When I meditate on the Word, I see Jesus and this refreshes me and fills me with His love and joy!

Thank you for making it easy for me to see Jesus through your books and sermons! All the best in blessings and love to you and your family!

Corlia Joubert | South Africa