Praise Report: Healthy Pregnancy and Baby, No More Hair Loss

When I started listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons on the gospel of grace about two years ago, I was in a really hard place. Anxiety about my health plagued me daily, and I was constantly fearful that something would happen to me or someone in my family.

At first, I was skeptical of what I was hearing from Pastor Prince. I struggled with the idea that salvation included more than just forgiveness of sins. But I was soon convinced as I listened to Pastor Prince explain the gospel of grace and reference Bible verse after Bible verse.

And the more I listened, the more I learned what was missing. I have grown to believe that every one of my needs was met at the cross. Forgiveness, health, provision, protection, joy and more are all mine in Jesus. As I listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons and pray for revelation, I grow more deeply rooted in this truth.

My husband and I already have two wonderful children but we wanted a third child. We tried by our own efforts for close to a year without success and at thirty-eight, I felt the pressure of time. I remember telling the Lord Jesus that I didn’t want to have a baby after I was forty.

I listened to Pastor Prince’s sermon Speak Out by Faith and Win almost on repeat for weeks on end. In that time, I learned the difference between faith and feelings. I asked Jesus for a healthy baby and pregnancy. And on my daily walks, I praised and thanked Jesus for the same and spoke out His promises to me from Psalm 113:9.

After only two months, we conceived. We now have the most precious, strong, and healthy baby boy! He is such a joy and a sweet daily reminder of how good Jesus is. And on top of all that, he arrived five months before I turned forty! Jesus hears even our smallest, whispered requests.

There’s more! For two years I had been experiencing abnormal hair loss. It was a source of anxiety for me. I had been speaking God’s healing truth over it but not consistently. A couple of months ago, I decided that when the problem crossed my mind, I would not go into anxiety, but rather thank Jesus that as His hair is thick and healthy, so is my hair thick and healthy in this world (see 1 John 4:17).

I cursed my hair loss to its root and cast it into the sea in Jesus’ name. I anointed my head with oil and proclaimed that by Jesus’ stripe, I am healed. After two months, my excessive hair loss miraculously stopped! Now, every time I wash my hair, I get so happy and thankful. My own hair is now a testimony of the Lord’s goodness!

Before I heard Pastor Prince preach the gospel of grace, I only knew a part of all that Jesus died to give me. I was depressed and anxious because that’s the inevitable result when you think you have to DO Christianity.

Now, when anxious thoughts cross my mind, I take them to Jesus. I listen to sermons on His perfect grace. I read healing testimonies on Pastor Prince’s website. I say the name of Jesus. I praise Him for His healing and provision even when I feel I have just the opposite. I no longer condemn myself when my feelings don’t line up with what I speak out in faith. I confess that I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!

All praise to Jesus! Pastor Prince, may you continue to walk in and preach the glorious grace of Jesus! Amen.

S Gates | Washington, United States