Praise Report: Delivered from 40 Years of Alcoholism

Pastor Prince, I started listening to your broadcast on and off in 2010, at which time I was trying desperately to stay sober through means like self-help groups, therapy, and medication for depression and anxiety. The shame, guilt, and the many people I’d hurt brought me to a place of such self-loathing that I truly did not want to live anymore.

I was in such bondage, yet through your ministry, the Lord so graciously and miraculously delivered me from forty years of alcoholism. Somehow, I was drawn to hear you teach on the gospel of grace given to Apostle Paul. As I continued to listen, I felt as if I was coming alive from the inside out, and I developed a hunger and thirst for God’s Word that continues to this day.

Praise the Lord for He completely took away all desire to drink. I knew when it happened that I had experienced true transformation, and I have been sober for ten years at this point of writing. Glory to God for His amazing grace!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your faithfulness and courage in preaching the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ that has set me free and continues to minister to my deepest longing and yearning for more of Him.

Anonymous | California, United States