Praise Report: Promoted at Work by God’s Grace

Pastor Prince declared 2022 the year of Rest and Acceleration. I started the year with sickness, including COVID and gastritis, which caused me to miss many days of work. Toward fall, I had to miss work again because of a new sickness, anemia. I had no energy and was forced to stay home and rest.

I worried about the security of my job because of the multiple days I was out of work. Nonetheless, I decided to let go and took as much time as needed to recover, as I trusted God for my security instead of my paycheck. A weight lifted as I knew that rest would accelerate my healing. Soon, my symptoms of anemia began to subside.

Upon returning to work, I was informed by my boss that the director mentioned she would like me to apply for a higher position. I applied, and soon, I was hired for the position, which pays more!

I had missed many days of work to rest and recover my body, yet this position fell on my lap as I rested in Jesus’ work and His grace. God is so good. This is a testimony that has His grace written all over it! Thank you for your ministry. It is a true blessing.

Jacklyn De La Garza | Texas, United States