Praise Report: Son Recovered from Depression, Now Back in School

In April 2022, I saw the animation video for the theme of the year Pastor Prince received for his ministry—the year of rest and acceleration. When I saw the images of the young people holed up in their rooms with darkness surrounding and within them, I immediately thought of my young, adult son. He had been suffering from depression and anxiety since childhood and was diagnosed and placed on medication when he was in high school.

Life for him seemed so dark, and he was hurting so much. He dropped out of his dream college in his second year with failing grades because it was too much for him. Thoughts of suicide crept into his mind as he continued going for one-to-one counselling and taking medications, but there was no real relief in sight.

As a parent, I tried everything within my power to help him—calling specialists, researching medications and diagnoses, and striving in my own efforts to find the cause and solution to his depression. I knew God could heal him, but I didn’t know how.

One day, as though the Lord had me personally in mind, I felt led to become a Gospel Partner and watch Pastor Prince’s sermon on the theme of the year. My heart was arrested when I saw those young people portrayed with the same darkness that plagued my own son and how when the shed blood of Jesus dropped onto the mercy seat, the light overcame the darkness, and they were set free!

Instantly, I knew this was the answer to my prayers. The Lord spoke to me and let me know that what I needed to do was rest, to take my eyes off the problem, and to turn my son over to Jesus. I did just that. It was hard to see him wander and suffer and not get busy attending to him. But I stayed in a position of faith and declared my son healed from depression.

I held on to what Pastor Prince declared in his sermon God’s Way of Acceleration: that for parents crying to the Lord because their beloved children are cooped up in their rooms and living in dark chambers, the Lord has heard their cries, and there will be an acceleration in the relieving and setting free of their children from depression. No matter how bleak things appeared or how bad the situation seemed to get, I held strong to that word and to my promise from Jesus.

All I know is that suddenly things began to change. My son’s depression seemed to lose its hold on his life, and he got better. He came out of his room, his communication with me and the world increased, and his outlook on life improved. He was smiling and laughing! His joy returned, and the light of Jesus now shows through him daily. He seeks the Lord, has returned to school, and everything in his life is better. Praise the Lord Jesus!

The moment I stopped depending on my self-effort and chose to rely on the risen Christ and His finished work, everything changed.

Thank you, Joseph Prince, for the life-changing message that you bring. Thank you for the boldness in which you proclaim the never-ending grace and mercies of our Lord Jesus. Keep preaching this message!

Anonymous | North Carolina, United States