Praise Report: Praying In The Spirit Brings End To Anxiety And Panic

A few months ago, I’d watched Joseph’s sermon on the gift of the Holy Spirit and the gift of speaking in tongues. I have been baptized in the Holy Spirit for 30 years and using the prayer language all that time. However, when he shared that praying in tongues can take away fears and anxieties, I took special notice.

For some strange reason, I had gotten very fearful of driving in thunder and rainstorms. I would panic even to see one ahead on the road. I had always prayed out loud in the car when going through a bad storm but those prayers were me yelling at the top of my lungs at God most of the time.

After watching that sermon on tongues, I had the opportunity to try praying in tongues through a storm while driving. Instead of panicking, I began to pray in tongues out loud before I approached the storm and kept praying in tongues during the storm until I had driven out of it. All during that time, I was at total peace with no panic or anxiety.

I praise God that He brought me through this and I had learned to fix my eyes on Jesus as I prayed in tongues. No more fear of storms! Thanks so much for this teaching.

Joyce Schoer | North Carolina, US



  • Monica says:

    Thank you for your testimony I fill happy

  • Luwi says:

    What an amazing testimony.Thank you so much for sharing. I am truly encouraged. May God continue to richly bless you

  • Nelly says:

    Amazing testimony in indeed there is great results

  • Charmaine Moodley says:

    Greetings in Jesus Name from Charmaine Moodley, Chatsworth, Durban, South Africa.

    Thank you for sharing Joyce’s story with me. I’ve been encouraged, I’m praying for my breakthrough to speak in tongues and be baptized in the Holy Spirit.
    Please pray for me with these 2 requests : To be baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues.
    : Praying for God to open a door for me for a Job, I have applied several places and waiting upon God and trusting God in my season of drought.

    Thank you
    Charmaine Moodley

    Blessings in Jesus Name, Name above all Names, Amen

  • Luvuyo says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning this to me I’m so revived Indeed

  • Christian says:

    That was great!

  • Glória a Deus por seu testemunho e obrigado por encorajar me a sempre manter os olhos fixados em Jesus

  • Adrienne Florance Purcell says:

    Great Joyce , thank you for praising God here through your testimony ! S.I.T. = speaking in tongues
    Sit with Him and rest while praying PERFECTLY in tongues !!!
    It is designed for OUR BENEFIT !!! What a tremendous Father we all have !

  • Onaedo says:

    Thank God for the gift of His Spirit

  • John Anthony (Tony) Austin says:

    Wow, what a surprise. this is the first time I have ever received anything like this. Sorry but I don’t remember what I said either, I take this as a big complement. Many thanks.

  • Joseph Kiley says:

    I totally can identify with Joyce’s testimony because I and my wife were caught in the snowstorm that occurred in Atlanta, Ga. a few years ago. After hearing Pastor Prince preach on tongues I prayed myself in tongues from the airport till we area had our destiny in Birmingham, Al. throughout the night as we avoided getting struck on the road beside slipping on the ice into other vehicles. It was a amazing experience because we really sense God’s angels surrounding the car. It works. Joe Kiley

  • When I started praying in the Spirit I ‘ve got strength spiritually, physically and got peace inside, and also give me a fresh revelation of what Jesus Christ have done at the Cross. Im really excited. Were watching Joseph Prince twice a day since 2007. Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for using Pastor Prince to preached the Gospel of Grace.

  • Ropafadzo Hove says:

    Great testimony,am encouraged👏❤️ I have longed to speak in tongues but I only do so in dreams when am sleeping. If i try it during the day when am awake, it doesn’t come out.

  • Rosalia Moreroa says:

    It is encouraging to see that God is still at work. May the whole earth be filled with His glory.

  • Chaitanya says:

    Excellent Testimony and i am also encouraged.

    All glory to Almighty Jesus only.

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