Praise Report: Family Protected from Harm during Gas Explosion in Kaohsiung

I am from Taiwan but I live in Singapore and since last year, I have been attending New Creation Church. When Pastor Prince started preaching strongly on Psalm 91 earlier this year, I began meditating on the verses. I’ve also been sharing the psalm with my family back home in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and declaring it over my family members.

On July 26 this year, my brother, David, got into a car accident and was badly injured. When my mother called and told me he was lying unconscious in the emergency room, I told her that David would be fine because the Lord has promised to deliver us from trouble. On our own, we also took the Holy Communion on his behalf and prayed for him. Even though I was sad, I had a strong sense of peace and was not worried. In fact, I was able to sleep very well that night.

The next day in church, Pastor Prince continued to preach on Psalm 91. After the service, I received a message that my brother had regained consciousness and was getting some tests done. The doctor said he was extremely “lucky” that he landed on his face. Even though he looked badly hurt, his brain and internal organs were all intact.

When my brother had completed all his surgeries and treatments, the hospital informed my mom that my brother had to give up his bed for more seriously sick people the very next day. We were very upset because he was heavily bandaged and still in pain. However, we had no choice but to comply because there were indeed a lot of people lying in the hallway waiting for help.

So my brother was brought home and my mom and my sister took turns to care for him, changing his bandages and such, I told my mom then that David would be fine because our heavenly Father will take care of him. We also declared Psalm 91 together.

The next day, July 31, was the series of gas explosions in Kaohsiung that ripped apart city streets across three districts, including the one where my mom’s house is located. However, her house was untouched as the explosions and damage stopped just a few blocks away.

That was truly amazing as a lot of people we know had lost their homes and were trying to escape that whole night. It was mayhem as there were multiple explosions, fireballs, ripped up roads, and overturned vehicles. People were screaming frantically everywhere.

Thank God that David was sent back home to be cared for and as a result, my family stayed by his side and did not have to experience all the chaos out there in the streets had they needed to travel to the hospital. Also, with all the casualties from the gas explosion, it would have meant little rest and care for David in the hospital as there were simply too many patients.

My brother has experienced a supernatural healing and is recovering very well now. Interestingly, he has a red, heart-shaped wound on his leg. My brother himself says that instead of being reminded of the pain and fear from the car accident, the wound reminds him of the love, healing, and restoration by his heavenly Father every day.

We thank God for His supernatural protection and deliverance. He has not only delivered David from the accident but also protected my whole family from the gas explosion. A lot of things could have happened but the Lord took care of them all.. We thank God that He is faithful and we thank Him for Pastor Prince’s ministry.

Laura Chang | Singapore

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