Praise Report: Persistent cough gone after declaring Psalm 92

I had been coughing for the past six months. Despite multiple visits to the doctors and trying many different kinds of medication, they were unable to determine the cause of my cough, which persisted.

Instead, the doctors discovered I had hyperthyroidism, an autoimmune disorder, and fatty liver, suggesting that my cough could be linked to my hyperthyroidism and that I might never recover.

I was devastated but was reminded of Psalm 92:12-15, which Pastor Prince had taught us. I kept declaring the verses to myself, and within a week, I experienced a recovery from my cough by 30-fold, 60-fold, and then 100-fold!

I went back to the doctor and took another blood test; the results showed that my liver was completely healed, and my thyroid had improved!

Today, I no longer have a cough and have a healthy liver. I am still declaring the verse over myself and believing for the complete restoration of my thyroid.

All glory goes to Jesus, and thank you, Pastor Prince, for sharing the Word.

A sister from Singapore