Praise Report: Received Revelation, Now Preaching Gospel Of Grace In China

I became a Christian when I was sixteen. When I was eighteen, I left my home in England and spent a year in Israel. A year later, I arrived as a missionary in China.

I struggled throughout my early years of being a Christian, always wondering if God truly loved me because I felt that I always disappointed Him. But during my second year in China, my mom sent me Joseph Prince’s book, Destined To Reign. I did not like the cover of the book, so I did not read it at first. Then one day, I finally picked it up and read it in two days. It was a total revelation to me!

In my excitement, I started preaching the message of grace in my church in China but was heavily persecuted and was kicked out of the church. That was in 1999. Since then, I have been listening to Joseph Prince constantly. I also spent a year at the Hillsong Leadership College and now I am back in China. In 2012, I married a Chinese lady. My wife and I are now pastors of that very same church that I was once kicked out of.

I feed my sheep grace only and have seen them all fall in love with Jesus and unite as the true family of God. I thank God for the message and revelation that Pastor Prince has faithfully preached. God Bless him and his church, and Praise God for His Son, Jesus!

Pastor Adam Thacker | China

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