Praise Report: Back Pain Gone

On the first Sunday of the year, I woke up with a strain on the right side of my lower back and had to visit a massage therapist for treatment.

The next Sunday, I felt the same pain when I got out of the cab to attend the second service at church. Throughout the praise and worship session, I could feel the pain every time I moved my body in a certain way.

During the ministering session, when Pastor Prince encouraged the congregation to move to the area where we usually felt pain to check if it was still there, I could still feel it in my back.

Then, when Pastor Prince began to ask for testimonies, I was deeply touched by God’s love and grace towards us. Tears rolled down my cheeks, and I truly believed that it was God’s will for us to be well, whole, and healthy!

Miraculously, when Pastor Prince asked everyone to take a seat, I attempted to move my body one more time before sitting down. To my amazement, I felt that the pain wassignificantly reduced!

By the end of the service, my condition had improved even further, and as I write this testimony, all the pain has disappeared.

A sister from Singapore