Praise Report: Pain Caused by Degenerative Disc Gone

I had been suffering from pain in my back due to degenerative discs for about 12 years. Recently, I underwent a scan which showed that my condition had worsened. The doctor told me that I would need to live with the pain until my 60s or 70s, when my back would eventually become very stiff, and I would not feel much pain after getting used to it. I was really depressed upon hearing this. I asked God when my healing would come, as I did not want to continue living my life in pain, especially when I am just in my late 40s.

Normally, I would attend the 1st service at The Star Performing Arts Centre on Sundays. However, on 7 April, I chose to wake up later to attend the 2nd service as it was my birthday. That day, I was awakened by a warmth on my back at around 9 a.m. Thinking that it was the usual ache that I would experience daily, I did not bother with it.

During the 2nd service, I watched the sermon recording of the 1st service on the big screen, and Pastor Prince was ministering healing. He specifically said that he saw someone suffering from degenerative discs on his back and God was healing this condition. I was very delighted when I heard that and immediately claimed God’s healing. Looking back, I realized that the word was given at the same time when I was awakened by the warmth that morning. I believe my healing had already taken place through time and space!

During the week, I went for my regular physiotherapy session. Usually, I would not be able to move my back forward and backward with ease and without any discomfort. However, to my surprise, I was able to move my back without any aches or pain that day. I could even do stretches without any discomfort. My physiotherapist was very amazed at such an improvement! Praise God!

I am now completely healed of my long-suffering back pain. It is a strange feeling that I don’t have any pain now! All glory to God!

Thank you, Pastor Prince! I don’t play any games or soccer, but I will be training to run a marathon again.

A brother from Singapore