Praise Report: No More Defect! Hole In Heart Completely Closed Up

My wife, Monica, and I had lost our baby to stillbirth but God restored our loss with the birth of our son, Benjamin, in January 2008.

In early 2010, when Ben was two years old, a heart murmur was detected during a doctor’s visit. Ben was diagnosed with secundum atrial septal defect or a hole in the heart. The following year, Ben went for his next scan with a medical view that if there were any recovery, it would happen around that age. But the results showed no improvement or recovery.

This continued for the next two years and by this time, we wondered why there was no manifestation and whether there was any wrong believing on our part. My wife and I have been attending New Creation Church since late 2006. Showered by the messages of grace preached by Pastor Joseph Prince, we continued beholding Jesus and kept hearing and hearing the Word of God.

Though the doctor comforted us that children with a heart defect could still live normally, we believed God had better things in store for Ben and kept holding on to our hope in Christ.

In January 2014, Ben experienced a high fever the night before his fifth heart scan. Together as a family, we partook of the Holy Communion and declared that by Jesus’ stripes, Ben was healed. In the morning, Ben’s fever subsided and the doctor decided to go ahead with the scan. In the midst of the scan, we proclaimed that as Jesus is with a perfect heart, so is Ben in this world.

At the end of the visit, the doctor announced that the hole had been completely filled up and there was no more defect! In his report, he also stated that Ben’s heart defect had undergone a spontaneous closure. Glory to Jesus!

Monica and Erwin | Singapore

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