Praise Report: No More In Sinful Relationship, Delivered From Extreme Pain And Stiffness

When I first started watching Joseph Prince’s messages seven years ago, I was cohabitating with a man for twelve years. I’d been through two divorces and was raising two children on my own.

I tried going back to church but was overwhelmed by extreme guilt and condemnation. I also became afflicted with high blood pressure and fibromyalgia—a rheumatic condition characterized by pain, stiffness, and tenderness in the body. The pain became so great that I had to quit nursing school. I felt hopeless and even contemplated suicide.

Nevertheless, I continued watching Joseph Prince’s teachings any chance I had and was astonished by the messages. The more I watched, the more I knew I was loved by God. Eventually, I decided not to continue cohabitating with a man who did not want to marry me.

I left the relationship and at the encouragement of one of Joseph Prince’s messages, went back to church. I also learned to make studying God’s Word a part of my daily life. Despite waking up to pain that was off the charts in every part of my body every morning, I would believe God for healing and proclaim, “As Jesus is, so am I.”

Once, where I was on eighteen medications, today, I only take two and no longer have high blood pressure. I am also recovering from fibromyalgia, instead of being debilitated by it. On top of that, I am now a member of a church where I serve on the hospitality team.

I honestly don’t know where I would be right now if not for Pastor Prince’s ministry. The good news of the gospel has truly saved and transformed my life!

Patricia Masters | Pennsylvania, United States

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