Step Into God’s Greater Glory (Part 2/3)

Do you know that God wants you to step into a greater measure of His blessings and breakthroughs? Find out how you can shine with God’s greater glory upon your life and be a testimony of His grace, even when the world seems to get more uncertain.


When it comes to experiencing God’s greater glory, two opinions matter. I’m talking about your opinion of God and what you think God’s opinion of you is.

Do you know that when you have a good opinion of God, believing that He loves you and has only good plans for you, you are actually giving Him glory? This is because doxa is also defined as “always a good opinion concerning one, resulting in praise, honor, and glory.” To have a good opinion of someone or something is to give that person or thing glory. Therefore, when you believe and think the best of God—that He loves you and is faithful to keep His promises to you—you are giving Him glory.

Now, since Jesus Himself tells us that He has restored or given to us God’s glory, this means that God has a good opinion of you too! Today, God sees you clothed in gleaming robes of righteousness because of your faith in His Son. And His opinion is not like man’s that is prone to wavering and changing. Because God is infallible and always faithful, His good opinion of you never changes. You will always stand righteous and beloved before Him because of His Son’s eternal and perfect work!

Have a good opinion of God!

What does this have to do with walking in greater glory?

Firstly, whatever negative circumstance may be staring you in the face, choose to have a good opinion of God. Instead of believing that God has abandoned you, choose to believe His presence and help are with you. Choose to believe He still loves you deeply and that He is working behind the scenes to turn things around for your good. Jesus told the centurion who believed He would heal his sick servant, “as you have believed, so let it be done for you” (Matthew 8:13). Believe that God wants to bless you beyond anything you have ever experienced, and see it come to pass!

Secondly, know that because of God’s unchanging good opinion of you, you are going to see a fresh supply of His grace and provision this year that exceeds any need or challenge you have. Anchor your heart in the knowledge that God is not behind your difficulty. Because He has a good opinion of you, He is more than willing to help you and more than able to give you your breakthrough (Matthew 8:2-3). My friend, be persuaded that His good opinion of you will move Him to turn your situation around and set you up for even greater things ahead!


Let me share with you another encouraging testimony. Judy, a sister from New York, was diagnosed with stomach cancer. But despite this negative diagnosis, Judy continued to have a good opinion of God and to believe in His promises for her. Here is her story:

In August 2012, I was diagnosed with MALT lymphoma (stomach cancer) after having an endoscopy for stomach problems. I underwent various scans and tests over a period of two months after the first endoscopy.

Earlier that year, my husband and I had just found the teachings of Joseph Prince and we started listening regularly to his messages. After the diagnosis in August, we began taking the Holy Communion daily and declaring, “As Jesus is in heaven, so am I in this world, free of cancer”.

We continued praying and as the hospital continued to do other tests to decide what treatment to give me, a CT scan in early October showed that the cancer had spread into the jejunum (the middle section of the small intestine). That was when they decided to do a push enteroscopy to look deeper into my stomach and small intestine.

I went for the procedure one morning in late October having the most amazing peace. After the procedure, the doctor came in and asked me what I had been doing since the first endoscopy. My husband and I stated that we had prayed. The doctor told us that my stomach looked nothing like it did two months ago. The biopsy came back this time showing no cancer!

We thank our Lord Jesus for His sacrifice at Calvary and Pastor Prince for preaching God’s grace because we were both very wounded from hearing so much “law-bondage” teaching. God is truly coming to life in our lives. To Him be all the glory and praise!

Can you imagine how dark and frightening Judy’s world suddenly became when she heard the diagnosis from her doctor? What a devastating blow that must have been for her and her family. I want you to notice how she went for the required scans and tests, but put her faith in Jesus’ finished work. Judy chose to believe and declare God’s good opinion and Word over her situation—that as Jesus is in heaven completely cancer-free, so was she.

You have a heavenly Father who loves you deeply, cares for you completely, and watches over you daily.

Even when the CT scan showed a deterioration of her condition, Judy chose not to dwell on the negative
report. Instead, she continued listening to messages on God’s grace. She continued practicing His love for her
 as she partook of the Holy Communion, until she was consumed with “the most amazing peace”. She believed in God’s good opinion of her and His willingness to deliver her. And the Lord did just that, so much so that even the doctor wanted to know what she had done to turn things around!

Perhaps like Judy, you have received one bad report after another regarding your health. My friend, don’t give up and don’t give in to negative, fearful thoughts. Remember that Jesus went to the cross and suffered for you so that you can experience His healing and divine health. If you have not yet seen your healing fully manifest, like Judy, keep feeding and meditating on Jesus’ love for you and what He has accomplished for you at the cross. In this year of greater glory, I’m believing with you that God will unleash a greater-than-you’ve-ever-had supply of His healing and health into your body. He is going to turn your trial into a great testimony such that people are going to see and wonder at God’s manifested glory on you, just as Judy’s doctor did!

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God’s Good Opinion Of You Never Changes


  • Folarin says:

    I am very grateful for showing me the grace, i always feel condemned no matter how hard i tried, but now i know the Love of my dear Savior…Hallelujah!!!


    I am really persuaded that nothing in the whole world can change my situations except the Grace of God through Christ Jesus our Lord. Thank you Pastor Joseph Prince for teaching the undiluted Grace of God.

  • kutemwa says:

    If God you can do it for others am 100% convinced this year you are doing it for my life tOo!!!! The very same grace is here with me!!!! there’s nothing other than the grace message,its not us but God almighty through christ jesus

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