Praise Report: No Longer Slaves to Fear

Pastor Prince, a few years ago, God brought you to my attention during one of the darkest years of my life.I have been a Christian since 1983. The messages I’ve heard were a mixture of grace and law that caused me much confusion. I doubted the unconditional love of Christ toward me and I always wondered if He would save me from all the pain and suffering in this world. Even though I prioritized reading the Bible and praying, the confusion about the person of Christ stunted my spiritual growth.

I met my husband in 1985 and we got married that same year. The first five years were good and Christ-centered. Unfortunately, circumstances in my husband’s life discouraged him to the point that he became filled with anger, rage, and pride. He was also suffering from a chronic illness and had a stroke in 2001.

He was increasingly verbally and emotionally abusive to the children and me over the years no matter how much we sought to please him and believe God for a breakthrough. The long-term abuse harmed our esteem and psychological well-being. We didn’t stop going to church, but the children and I kept our abuse a secret and did not tell friends and family. We were confused as to why it was happening and why God was allowing it.

I never considered divorcing my husband because I know the Bible says that God hates divorce. The sermons I heard also did not encourage women to take a stand against abuse. We continued to cope with the toxic environment at home by adjusting our behaviors and working around “the elephant in the room.”

In 2009, we tried to get my husband to seek help, but that backfired and he became even more abusive. I was devastated and the children became even more fearful of their father. But right after this, I discovered your ministry and began listening to your sermons every day.

The grace message exploded inside of me. God began to show me His unconditional love in a fresh way. I became stronger and stronger. And despite the toxic environment, the children and I prospered. Refusing to be condemned was liberating.

I went back to school and became a professional employee after years of being a housewife. I continued to listen to your teachings, and God began to teach me about resting. In the summer of 2016, my husband moved out. We went for another marriage counseling session but that failed miserably. We have forgiven him, still love him, and pray for him often. We are no longer slaves to fear.

Since my husband moved out, God has fast-tracked my career. I got a major promotion at work and received three salary increases within six months. God also gives me ideas to prosper my career and life in general. My children have enjoyed increased favor and rest at work, in school, and in life as a whole.

I got hold of your new audio book Live the Let-Go Life and have listened to it more than five times. I can’t fully explain what God is doing inside me through your book. All I can say is that I have not experienced this depth of peace in my adult life before. I am full of hope for the future, and I know that as Jesus is, so are we in this world.

Thank you, Pastor Prince!

Anonymous | Michigan, United States

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  • Paul says:

    Halleluyah! Thats true. You can be under grace and the spouse is making your life a nightmare. Thats where God’s wisdom comes in. I love a Joseph Prince sermon titled “WISDOM AND MADDA (Inner Consciousness). In such cases you REALLY need the Spirit.
    A bad marriage is hell on earth.

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