Praise Report: Graduated With Highest Honors In Dental Hygiene

I was led to pursue a course in dental hygiene even though I didn’t know how many teeth we have in our mouth, why we should floss our teeth, or what a cavity was. The majority of my classmates had some experience and knowledge in the dental field, having been dental assistants before, or having parents who were working in dentistry. It was easy to believe that I was the least in class, especially since I scored the lowest grade in our first test.

However, the Lord spoke to my heart. He reminded me that I was the head and not the tail. He also told me not to lean on my own understanding and that He would cause me to triumph.

After two years of studying, speaking God’s promises, and pursuing Him instead of man’s recognition, I graduated summa cum laude! At graduation, I received the highest dental hygiene GPA (grade point average) award. I also received the coveted Golden Scaler award that represents professionalism, outstanding clinical skills, and trustworthiness.

I serve an awesome God. Because He is my victory, it didn’t matter how lacking I was. I have learned the true meaning of walking by faith and not by sight. Every weekend, I would go home to my parents’ house and Joseph Prince would be on television. He would minister to me and emphasize God’s love for me. My achievements are not based any of my efforts, but Christ’s finished work for me. Thank you, Joseph Prince Ministries.

Ashley Munoz | Texas, United States

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