Praise Report: No Damage to Home During Hurricane Ian

Some time ago, Hurricane Ian hit Florida. At first, it was forecast that the hurricane would hit very close to where we live—Tampa, Florida. We were concerned but stayed in faith. We prayed Psalm 91, and I also “sealed” the house and doors with anointing oil by making the sign of a cross.

After a few hours, we heard that the path of the hurricane had moved far south from us, and we would probably just get winds and some heavy rains. Thankfully, it made landfall further south, and we only got some rain and wind for almost twenty-four hours. Despite winds of sixty to seventy miles per hour, our house was fine. We did not lose power and had no issues with water. We were preserved and unharmed because of Jesus’ precious blood!

All glory and praise to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I can’t thank Him enough for all His grace and mercy. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your grace-based preaching that has played a vital role in helping me stay in my faith during life’s struggles and challenges!

Sony Easow | Florida, United States